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    URGENT!!! prolapsed urethra surgery complications

    They were great when I had to rush Brodie there. Everyone was amazing. The consult is with a different doctor, but I googled her and her credentials are very good.
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    URGENT!!! prolapsed urethra surgery complications

    UT is the closest training hospital. I am taking him to Nashville Veterinarian Specialist on Tuesday. We will see how that goes. We had taken a pug to a specialist in Louisville years ago for spine surgery, so we may look into going there too. As of last evening, the Xanax may be starting to...
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    URGENT!!! prolapsed urethra surgery complications

    Our neutered bulldog's prolapsed urethra was getting worse, so the vet sent us to a surgeon who did surgery on the area at another vet clinic. The day after the surgery, I brought him home. He was bleeding some when peeing, but we were told this was normal. When my husband came home and went to...
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    Worried Mom of Sophie

    After having surgery on his abdomen, Connor also had a fluid pocket form. The vet said that it may have been an allergic reaction to the stitches. The fluid had to be drained out with a syringe. The vet said that it might have to be drained again, but it only had to be drained that one time.
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    Help Needed! prolapsed urethra on my 5 year old neutered male bully

    Our bulldog, Butch, had this issue. When it first started bleeding, the vet tried some meds. That did not work. Our vet was going to send us to a specialist for surgery, but the surgeon said our vet could do it. He explained the procedure, and our vet did the surgery. Butch was 6 months old at...