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  1. PapaSmurf2

    Old Habits Die Hard

    She's six months old...she has a large crate and will go in there from time to time during the day but still loves to sleep in the tiny
  2. PapaSmurf2

    Old Habits Die Hard

    She has a full sized crate but still sleeps in her puppy crate...
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    Making a comeback....

    Sorry about my sudden disappearance. I was involved in a hit and run on my bike in late March and am still recovering. I broke three ribs, my shoulder, and my hip as well as tore all the ligaments and tendons in my leg. And we're not even going to discuss the road-rash. Since coming home from...
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    Awesome trip!!!! Should be hitting Mississippi tonight or tomorrow morning!!!!!!
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    cute bulldog pictures on facebook

    Yeah!!!! Grrrrr lol
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    Two words to describe our ride through Maryland so far today....wet and BBBRRRRRRRR!!!! Lol
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    From The Biker's Code...
  8. PapaSmurf2

    Best Friends

    Gracie and Oreo...
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    Gracie, Skye, and I will be offline for a about a week and a half. We're headed to West Point with the Patriot Guard Riders to keep keep the Westboro Baptist Church protesters away from the services for General H. Norman Schwarzkopf (Skye and Gracie will be in the cage, I'll be on the...
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    The Biker's Code

    Biker Code
  11. PapaSmurf2

    Getting Big and the Bar has gone to the dogs......

    Gracie's getting big.....almost three months....
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    This is funny....
  13. PapaSmurf2

    The Biker's Code

    Not yet....we're doing some renovations at the Ranch this year and only going to a few events. Next year we plan on doing a lot of traveling and will hit as many events as we can!!!
  14. PapaSmurf2

    Letting loose while deployed....

    This isn't my kind of music, but this is AWESOME and funny as :poo: !!!
  15. PapaSmurf2

    What is your Bulldog mixed with?

    Gracie is mixed with bulldozer (she runs head first into everything), pro wrestler (she LOVES knocking our other dogs down), and part Rip Van Winkle (when she sleeps NOTHING is gonna wake her).
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    Article: Winners of the Bulldogs With Special Needs Fundraiser

    That was awesome!!!! Congrats to the winners!!!!!
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    My Harley Girl

    She's working on it one piece at a
  18. PapaSmurf2

    My Harley Girl

    I figured I should take this BEFORE she eats her motorcycle lol
  19. PapaSmurf2

    Just fun pics

    These are not my bulldogs, but I like the pictures