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    Titer vs. vaccinating yearly

    A lot of folks don't do titters because they are between $80-$150 per test and there's a separate test for every vaccine so it gets pricy when compared to $15 for a vaccination - - - Updated - - - Btw I am all for titters - I didn't vaccinate this year- and they aren't due for rabies for a...
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    Brindle vs chocolate brindle

    True Chocolate brindle tend to have liver colored nose rather than black nose. Can't so let go by coloring
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    Insurance question

    I know insurance has been discussed here over and over - I was bored at work the other day and geico who my auto insurance is through sent me an email about pet insurance. Their policies are through embrace and I went through the steps of being quoted. So for $10k coverage, $200 annual...
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    Help Needed! Dukes been acting weird

    im going to call tomorrow and make an appointment cause he's not improving. I'm going to use Lockport animal hospital which is where the only other "bulldog specialist" is.
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    Help Needed! Dukes been acting weird

    THanks for the responses guys- as far as him ingesting something you never really can be 100% sure but we watch them pretty intently when we are home and he is crated when we aren't home.
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    Help Needed! Dukes been acting weird

    Hey guys - it's been a while since my last post. All has been well until Sunday when duke started acting weird. He wouldn't eat his breakfast had to be hand fed dinner. This has continued he's only eating once a day and has to be hand fed. He currently on raw. He still drinks water- my dogs...
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    I'm also in the market for couches and the sets I'm looking at are either 100% polyester or a polyester/cotton blend- how will these hold up to the bullies? Will the hair stay embedded? Will drool clean easily? Any advice is appreciated. As far as leather goes the sofas I'm looking at would cost...
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    Have you tried giving him peanut butter? Yogurt? Liver treats? Cheese?
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    Coccidia parasite

    Duke had coccidia as a pup but was asymptomatic. It was tricky to get rid of it took three rounds of antibiotics over a six week course to get rid of. I've never heard of gagging or panting from coccidia - usually diarrhea is one of the symptoms.
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    Tail ?

    Dukes tail:
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    Tail ?

    Tight tails tend to have pockets and are a pain to deal with- can lead to tail amputation. My duke has a tail like your pup. These tails in my opinion are nicer- if only the American lines would breed these tails it would make for a much healthier aspect of the breed. Tight tails are a...
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    Gluing the ear?

    These dogs change so much from when they are young but The pics you posted look good.
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    Gluing the ear?

    Do you plan to show your new pup? teddokun
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    Eye cyst?? Please comment

    Hard to tell cause the pic is so dark but duchess got similar bumps in the past and I accredited them to allergies- they would usually pop, bleed and go away- she hasn't had them since I took her off kibble.
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    Gluing the ear?

    The glue will naturally wear off in 3-4 weeks. It is possible for some dogs to have a mild reaction to the glue such as bumps or minor hair loss- neither is really a big deal as they will subside when the glue wears off.
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    Gluing the ear?

    Puppies ears don't naturally hang that low- usually what is done is the ear is folded in half and downward- and the top part of the ear is glued to the bottom part. Many people have issues with this but it is harmless and most serious show breeders will glue the ear to basically train the ear...
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    Gluing the ear?

    From those pics his ears are going to rose and they look to already have been glued
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    Can't believe my eyes

    In regards to protein allergies many dogs that have a kibble protein allergy do not show allergy symptoms for that same protein in the raw form.
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    Beef allergy

    I have heard that keeping a dog on te same protein with no variety for an extended period of time can ultimately lead to a sensitivity- the reason I ask is because duke and duchess have been back on raw for about 4 months now- after a stint on kibble which didn't go well- so they were on raw...
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    Beef allergy

    How common is beef an allergy amongst members?