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  1. hnhammond

    URGENT!!! Surgery for Interdigital Mass?

    Biopsy came back! It was viral papilloma... so I guess a giant wart? So strange how quickly it grew. The vet said she must have gotten it from another dog - which is weird, she isn't regularly exposed to other dogs. But they got it off completely so the vet doesn't think it'll grow back. I'm so...
  2. hnhammond

    URGENT!!! Surgery for Interdigital Mass?

    Here she is! She did great, they got the tumor off and we get the biopsy in 3-7 days. She very drugged up - like a little drunk man, wobbling around. But doing fine and she only needed 3 stitches! I'm so relieved it's over!
  3. hnhammond

    URGENT!!! Surgery for Interdigital Mass?

    Thank you all! I'm SO nervous. I've been crying the last few days! The surgery itself only takes 30 minutes - the mass is right on top of her webbing and the vet said it'll be easy to remove. I just hope she doesn't have issues with the anesthesia. :(
  4. hnhammond

    URGENT!!! Surgery for Interdigital Mass?

    You're right, the vet isn't even calling it a cyst anymore. It's now a "mass". They're sending it to the lab after taking it off, but she doesn't think it's cancerous. I'm trying to stay calm, the surgery is now scheduled for Thursday. Matilda also has an easier time breathing than most bullies...
  5. hnhammond

    URGENT!!! Surgery for Interdigital Mass?

    Unfortunately, today it's even bigger. It's planning to take over the world, it is just rapidly growing. The treatment we've been doing for the last week has done absolutely nothing. The vet says she'd prefer putting her under because it's a difficult spot to reach and Til cannot move at all...
  6. hnhammond

    URGENT!!! Surgery for Interdigital Mass?

    The vet offered to do just a local but said it's a tough spot (it's so tight and swollen) and said Matilda would probably be very scared and have to be restrained. I don't want to traumatize her because I'M being a baby and scared... I don't know what to do.
  7. hnhammond

    Talk to me about fish oil

    We use fish oil just in a pump container. 3 Pumps every day in her breakfast and she loves it! I think it helps with her coat and alopecia from allergies.
  8. hnhammond

    URGENT!!! Surgery for Interdigital Mass?

    Hi all! It's been ages since I've been on here. Matilda turns 4 tomorrow and has been perfect and healthy! Her allergies sometimes give us problems, but we've kept them under control. However, last week I noticed that one of her paws had a red cyst between the toes. She usually gets some paw...
  9. hnhammond


    This is absolutely a puppy thing. Matilda didn't like to snuggle as a pup and now that's ALL she likes to do. He's just too excited to want to cuddle right now! Plus cuddling for us is actually a sign of dominance for dogs, so he's probably trying to assert his independence as well. He'll get...
  10. hnhammond

    How big a deal is it if bulldog doesn't go to crate on his own?

    He will begin to like the crate. It takes a while. My bully is 3 now and even last night she left me all alone in bed to go sleep in her crate! We haven't shut her in it in years, she just loves it. I got her to start enjoying the crate by bribery. I'd only give her treats, special bones, new...
  11. hnhammond

    Help, Daisy thinks her crate is for pooping

    The divider is necessary, that will definitely help. The big thing is to catch her in the act. If you catch her starting to potty in the crate, tell her NO, rush her outside, then praise her like crazy when she goes. A few times of this and she should understand very quickly :)
  12. hnhammond

    any ideas

    I'm sure it'll be fine! Love Buffym's idea of bringing a kiddie pool in case she gets too hot. Just watch her the whole time and make sure she has plenty of water. You can also get a cooling vest that you can dip in water and it stays cold for hours! I'm sure that'll help a lot. And be sure to...
  13. hnhammond

    Levi and car riding

    Panting isn't necessarily a sign of overheating - he's just thrilled that he gets to come! No need to worry as long as it's not hot in the car!
  14. hnhammond

    Peppermint Oil Safe?

    Thanks guys! I can't even smell the peppermint, it's such a small amount, so I think it'll be okay :)
  15. hnhammond

    Peppermint Oil Safe?

    Ok we've had a spider problem here and I am TERRIFIED of them. I read that if you spray water mixed with peppermint essential oil, it wards them off. So I got some and have sprayed the doors, baseboards, vents, etc before I realized that this may be an issue for Matilda! I've called the vet...
  16. hnhammond

    Achilles is driving me crazy :/

    How old is he? Are you crate training? He will settle down eventually but it is definitely dangerous while they're teething to give him free reign of the house! Get him a crate or playpen and unless you're actively watching him, that is where he needs to stay - for his safety and your home's...
  17. hnhammond

    Does Your Bulldog Sleep Alot . .?

    Til spends most of the day sleeping, even when I bring her around with me all day. She sleeps in the car, wherever we go, if we're home, not home, etc. Usually we get at least 1 walk a day, but it's been so hot here lately that we can't. She usually wakes up around 8-9, does morning potty and...
  18. hnhammond

    Spill off while drinking

    We have the Neater Feeder and it works great! It has a big rim so that most food and water stays in. It also has a drain so that excess water gets caught in the tray. It prevents the water from mixing with the spilled food and creating a horrible-to-clean paste (which is what was happening to my...
  19. hnhammond

    What is the best cure for dry nose?

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Snout Soother by Natural Dog Company! I LOVE their products. If Til's nose is getting dry, one application, and the next day it's back to perfect. You can buy it in a stick or a cannister, but I think the stick is easier to apply. You just swipe it right...
  20. hnhammond


    Has anyone found good Doggles (or doggie goggles) that fit bullie's big heads?! It's summertime which means we'll be taking Matilda out on the boat! She has her life jacket and her sunscreen, but she really seems to hate the wind in her eyes while the boat is moving, so we're looking into...