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  1. Vader The Bully

    This boy certainly isn't stupid!

    I love when people ask me, "Aren't bulldogs, like, the dumbest dogs there are?" I have to hold my hand back from smacking them upside their ignorant little heads! First off, don't insult my damn dog, he's sitting right here, he can HEAR YOU. Secondly, why don't you get to know the little buggers...
  2. Vader The Bully

    Vader the lick-monster

    Hi friends :) I had a question regarding my fathead. You'd think we'd be thankful his biting and chomping have stopped, and that he seems to have replaced it with licking, but it does bring up some questions for me. I mean he licks EVERYTHING. I can't really tell if it's just who he is or if...
  3. Vader The Bully

    It's a small world after all!

    So Vader had to go to the vet again today (more on that in my original giardia thread) but it was a very exciting day otherwise because we bumped into USCgirl81 and the rest of her wonderful family! Vader had a great time meeting Brett and Logan! I think deep down he knew that there was already...
  4. Vader The Bully


    Just wanted to see if anybody here has tried/is doing the INSANITY workout program? I just started today and boy it really kicked my butt! Anyone have any experience with it? :buff:
  5. Vader The Bully

    Meet our Smushface - Darth Vader!

    Hi friends! I've already posted on the other boards (because we're such worry warts here!) but I never gave a formal introduction of our little man! Meet Darth Vader: Feared Sith Lord of the Galactic Empire! (And yes, that's his full name!) I'll post an album with a ton of pics on the...