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  1. PigDogLucky

    Raw Shrimp

    I would not make it a diet. Given shrimp are very high in cholesterol as well as very rich type of food. And given you have to cook it. I would mainly suggest boiling. And no seasoning. Garlic onion and seasoning. Is not good. And has a type of effect on dogs that isn’t good. Lastly...
  2. PigDogLucky

    Raw food all the way?

    I actually prefer pro plan by Purina. (Puppy only) Given puppy has far more nutrients than adult. Raw I notice they tend to develop allergies later on. I have had several bulldogs as well as bully breeds and ever once have any type of allergies or skin problems. Hope this helps.
  3. PigDogLucky

    Does my EBD look normal?

    For sure mix. You can see it in the face. But she is so cute. 😬
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  5. PigDogLucky

    I need some advice about an ongoing eye issue!

    He needs the survey. My boy had it too. It’s about 1500$. But what it is usually is the eyelashes growing inward.
  6. PigDogLucky

    Not sure what these are????

    Hello all. My EB has recently been bitten and attacked by a German Shepherd. SMH 🤦‍♂️. I also was attacked in the process of pulling the mouth open of the German shepherd off of my dog neck. Then getting filet open myself. (All Bad) since then I patched lucky up stopped all bleeding and now here...
  7. PigDogLucky

    Need help on next steps with Food

    I highly recommend Purina Pro Plan (puppy) for your EB. The reason puppy. Even as an adult is has bigger nutrients in it. I have had my fare share of EB’s frenchies too as well and always given the same and never have any allergies or skin problems. Anytime I hear of any EB having skin probs...