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  1. cefe13

    Say hello to Humphrey

    Congratulations! He is adorable.
  2. cefe13


    Happy New Year to all bulldogs and their families! 🎇
  3. cefe13

    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Thinking of sweet Lambeau. Please give him a hug from Sweden. ♥️
  4. cefe13

    Please pray for Maude

    Thinking of beautiful Maude and praying for her speedy recovery. ♥️
  5. cefe13

    Devastated lost our baby boy

    My condolences; I am so sorry you and your wife have had to go through this again.
  6. cefe13

    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Sending Lambeau healing thoughts and a big hug, and a hug to Cheli as well. Thinking of you all.
  7. cefe13

    My Sweet Harlea Passed Away

    My condolences. Logging on for the first time in a long time, I am so sorry to see that Harlea and several other on Castor's online acqaintances have passed recently. Thinking of you.
  8. cefe13

    Harvey Specter is gone all of a sudden -

    My condolences. Haven't been on here for a long time and am so sorry to see that several bulldogs that I got to "know" via EBN have recently passed. I believe bulldog heaven is a nice place and that Castor and other who have gone before are welcoming their online acquaintances. It is such a...
  9. cefe13

    Big news!

    Congratulations to Ella and you! Very sweet pups!
  10. cefe13

    RIP my beloved Wallygator...

    My condolences. I so remember sweet Wally from my and Castor's years here on EBN. Haven't logged on for a long time and am so sorry to read this. I believe you are right about him going on his own terms. They know, and they let us know when the time has come. And I do believe that bulldog heaven...
  11. cefe13

    My Jewelie Girl

    I am so, so sorry to read that Jewel has passed. Please accept my condolences.
  12. cefe13

    MINI aspirated several times yesterday...

    Please accept my condolences. I loved reading about Mini's development and her Bailey chair.
  13. cefe13

    Norway bans bulldogs

    English bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles spaniels have not been banned in Norway because there are problems with backyard breeding in Scandinavia but because animal welfare organisations have successfully protested against the health state of the breeds as such. Whether one agrees or not, the...
  14. cefe13

    Jewel's Trip To The ER

    Thinking of Jewel and praying that she will soon feel better.
  15. cefe13

    Angus, the wonder dog.

    Hi Angus; you look amazing!
  16. cefe13


    I would ask the vet or the pharmacy for advice on concentration. If too strong it will sting and Geoff won't like that! I think hibiscrub contains chlorehexidine. When I too found those pads too expensive, I started bying chlorehexidine at the pharmacy for Castor. There are different...
  17. cefe13

    December 2021 Bulldog of the Month Winners!!

    Handsome bulldogs! Congratulations both!
  18. cefe13

    Meet Sadie

    Congratulations on the new addition to your pack! She's beautiful!