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  1. Cbrugs

    First Show-4-6 mos puppy class

    Woo hoo...well done!
  2. Cbrugs

    Saving the flat-faced breed

    Fantastic! Hopefully they’ll start talking about all the healthy bulldogs that can breathe instead of just focusing on the poorly bred ones. I know a few people whose dogs have gotten zero or 1.
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    Help with food and pooping

    My 2 kibble fed dogs eat and do well on Open Farm with Ancient Grains. They have a grain free line as well. Some other brands you can look at are Zignature, Earthborn Holistic, First Mate to just name a couple. There are many decent brands out there to research and try. Since he is only 5 months...
  4. Cbrugs

    Help with food and pooping

    I tried feeding Acana to one of mine when he was a puppy and it was too rich for him and he was pooping a lot more than normal. Finding a food that works is always trial and error as all dogs are different and what works for one may not work for another. You might want to try a different brand...
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    Hi guys! Stay warm & dry all my socal friends!

    Very nice brindle coloring!
  6. Cbrugs

    Soft stool

    You can also try cutting back on amount of food you feed as too much food will also cause soft stool. I don't think you said how much food you are currently feeding.
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    Not sure what these are????

    Yikes! Maybe an infection of some sort? I’d definitely get a vet check.
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    Soft stool

    Great advice above. A couple other things to note…feeding too much can also cause soft stool and have you tested for parasites? Giardia and other parasites can cause loose stool as well and it’s not uncommon for puppies to pick one up at a young age. You can bring a stool sample to your vet for...
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    Team Two Scoops earned TKN

    Woo hoo…congratulations!
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    Hi guys! Stay warm & dry all my socal friends!

    I’m out here right now visiting. Where’s the sun!!! I left rainy Seattle for rainy So Cal!
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    I usually give sardines to everyone once a week but I can up the amount.
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    When Jax got shaved for his surgeries, his fur took forever to grow back. Thankfully Ella just has a little spot.
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    Bovine Colostrum

    As stated above, stop giving it for a week to see if you notice any change and then add it back in. Just because it works for some dogs doesn't mean it will work for all dogs. Trial and error.
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    I don't know if it will be back in time either but if I can at least get some peach fuzz, that will help. Our next show is March 25 and 26 but we have a big show April 6 and 7 so fingers crossed for some improvement to at least make it not as noticeable. I probably should have ordered it right...
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    After all these years of having dogs, I finally purchased a tube of Nustock! Ella scratched the top of her neck last month which turned into a hot spot. Got that dried up but then the clump of hair around it fell out. The same has happened to Louie and it grows back just fine but Ella has a...
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    Bovine Colostrum

    I agree with this! That will help tell you if it's the bovine colostrum or something else.
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    Latest on DCM from tufts

    I am not anti-grain free but I also don't like the addition of so much peas and legumes, etc. which is why I feed the Open Farm with Ancient Grains to my 2 kibble fed dogs. Neither have issues with the grains and they both are doing well on it. And I stay away from foods with potatoes/sweet...
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    Probiotic, Kraut & Bovine Colostrum

    I only give one probiotic at a time but rotate through raw goat's milk, fermented fish stock, green tripe, sauerkraut, etc. and again, just 1 at a time.
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    My constant companion.

    What a sweet boy! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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    I need some advice about an ongoing eye issue!

    Eye issues can be so tricky and can turn bad fast if not treated properly. So glad you got in to see a specialist and they found the issue right away.