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  1. mcraven2

    Daily poll: Do you have a picture of your bully as your desktop background on your computer?

    Yes of course! They are also the background to my phone as well…..actually about 80% of the pictures on my phone are of them…lol
  2. mcraven2

    Daily poll: Does your bulldog hate inclimate weather?

    Gio LOVES the snow, he could stay outside and play in it all day if I let him! Princess and Diva don't mind the snow either but aren't as thrilled as Gio. But all 3 do hate the rain!
  3. mcraven2

    I am two episodes behind, I plan on watching them tomorrow! This season has been very...

    I am two episodes behind, I plan on watching them tomorrow! This season has been very interesting, I'm sure the final episode was graphic! :scared:
  4. mcraven2

    Daily poll: Does your bulldog have any really bad habits?

    Oh yes! They each have their own bad habits! When Gio starts to play he starts to bite (more of a nibble) your arm and leg to get you to wrestle, and he just keeps growling till he gets his way! Princess starts to whine, cry, and bark when she is hungry...which is ALL THE TIME!!! And Diva is a...
  5. mcraven2

    Daily poll: How many times have you visited your vet over the last year?

    Hmmmmm let's see. They each went in for a their yearly appointment. Then Gio went 5 extra times for his tail surgery (once to see if he needed it, once to put on his pain patch, once to get surgery, once to get the pain patch removed, and once to get the stitches out!). And Princess went about...
  6. mcraven2

    Daily poll: Do you feel that your bulldog is overweight?

    Yes and No. Princess is our overweight bully. When we adopted her a year ago at the age of 9 she was overweight at 55lbs, we were going to try to exercise her a little bit but we found out she had heartworm so exercise was out of the question. She is now 10 and doesn't walk very far at all (she...
  7. mcraven2

    Daily poll: Do you call your Bully by their name or a nickname?

    We rarely call Giovanni "Giovanni", it's usually Gio, G, Bubba, or G-Baby. We never call Princess "Princess", we call her Ma'am, Prin, Sassy girl, or Prinny (she's deaf so she doesn't know what we are saying anyways!). And Diva we actually call her by her name, we also call her Diva Girl, Fresh...
  8. mcraven2

    Our 1st bulldog!!!

    What an adorable bully!! He is just too cute!
  9. mcraven2

    Belle's new tutu

    So adorable, I love it!
  10. mcraven2

    A message for northern folks

    We got about 16 inches of snow last Thursday-Friday and it was about 4 degrees here all weekend with a wind chill about -10! But today it was 58 and rain!! And tomorrow it will be 17! Boston weather is insane! Because of the ridiculous weather everything tomorrow will now be a sheet of ice :ohmy:
  11. mcraven2

    Article: December 2013 Photo of the Month Contest Winners!

    Congrats to the winners! Great pictures!
  12. mcraven2

    Is 1 hour too long to walk a bulldog?

    homeriscool It depends on the dog. My female EB can barely walk up my driveway! So she rarely goes on walks. But I walk my male EB and my frenchie everyday through a woods in my town and we will walk either 30 minutes or sometimes an hour and a half. It really depends on the day and the weather...
  13. mcraven2

    Merry Christmas!! I hope the boys enjoyed their gifts! :)

    Merry Christmas!! I hope the boys enjoyed their gifts! :)
  14. mcraven2

    Drinking a mimosa and thinking of you all.

    Merry Christmas to you and Remi! I'm drinking a mimosa as well! :)
  15. mcraven2

    Diva wants her stocking!!

    Diva is obsessed with her stocking! She will just sit and stare at them for hours! I don't think she will be able to wait till Christmas :) And Gio was my shopping buddy the other night, he was pretty tired by the end of it!
  16. mcraven2

    Did the hooligans and Miss.Sally end up liking those cod skins you won in the auction??

    Did the hooligans and Miss.Sally end up liking those cod skins you won in the auction??
  17. mcraven2

    Daily poll: Has your bulldog ever seen/played in snow?

    Gio loves the snow! Diva likes it as well as long as she is wearing a jacket or fleece. And Princess just goes with the flow! We just got about 6 inches this week and Gio was in heaven, he loves rolling around in it and he loves when I throw snowballs in the air at him....he tries to eat them...
  18. mcraven2

    Daily poll: Does your bully greet you at the door when you get home?

    Yup! I have 3 very excited bullies waiting for me, it's a great way to be welcomed home! :)
  19. mcraven2

    ***The Official 2013 Show Off Your Christmas Tree Thread***

    The tree looks great! That look on Gunny's face... it's like he knows that gate is there because of him!!!
  20. mcraven2

    Daily poll: How do you make your bully feel extra special?

    All of the above! They love their homemade treats, they love their walks, they love getting new toys, and they love their belly rubs!