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  1. Fionasmom

    Would love to start a Bulldog Club in Vacaville California

    Would love to start a Bulldog meet up in Solano County. I live in Vacaville Ca. Would love to meet with others so we can set up some play dates and share ideas on raising bullys. Hope to get this started soon, as Fiona, my 3 year old bully would love to play with others.
  2. Fionasmom

    Bulldog babysitter

    How sweet! Bulldogs have such a loving, protective way about them. Congratulations on the birth of your son!
  3. Fionasmom

    Introducing Gemma!

    She is beautiful.
  4. Fionasmom

    Help me please! I think I was lied to!

    Here is a picture of my bulldog. Her snout is longer too and she doesn't have as many folds as my last one. The great part about her snout being longer, she can breathe a lot easier and snores a lot less. My last bully had to have an operation to fix his breathing. Fiona is all bully. Good luck...
  5. Fionasmom

    Daily poll: Has your bulldog ever destroyed any of your furniture?

    Fiona ate the leather cushion on our couch! This is the couch where she decided to tear up all my mail and magazines that she took from the kitchen table. She is now crated when we are not home. I wonder why? But I couldn't help laughing when I found her, because she was so proud of herself.
  6. Fionasmom

    My Porkie ( Pork Chop)

    Congratulations! My Fiona, looks just like your Pork Chop. I adopted Fiona when she was 6 months and she is now 1 1/2 years old now. She also is my world.
  7. Fionasmom

    Beneficial Fruits For Dogs

    Thank you for posting this!
  8. Fionasmom

    Afraid of wrapping paper....?

    Thats why I love bullies so much. They are so funny when it comes to things that they are afraid of, things they love and love to do. Fiona is scared, when I take out the plastic liner to line our kitchen garbage tin. She runs aways so fast. Also any man who carries anything in his hands. Woman...
  9. Fionasmom

    What a nerd!

    Love it! What a cutie!
  10. Fionasmom

    Dozer and Christmas

    Look at that face! He's adorable!
  11. Fionasmom

    I just don't know with him sometimes...

    Fiona does the same thing but also right after breakfast and then right after dinner. If we won't play with her, she finds something wrong to get into. Love them Bullies~
  12. Fionasmom

    The last 7 months

    Words can't express the loss we feel when we lose our furry babies. Even though we make room in our heart for our new furry babies, there will always be a piece in our heart that is always going to grieve for our beloved fur babies that passed on. Fiona came into my life after losing my Sheldon...
  13. Fionasmom

    Daily poll: How does your bulldog get your attention?

    Fiona will pace and then sit down and actually try to talk to me. I have to get it on tape for you all to see. She barks with out noise coming out. Pure air is coming out. Thats when we know she want attention and if we don't give it to her, she begins to whine.
  14. Fionasmom

    Any Suggestions? Fiona is smelling bad!

    She's eating Natural Balance: Sweet Potato and Venison Dry Dog food. In the morning I cook an egg white and mix it in. Every third day, I cook the entire egg and mix it into her dry food, And her dinner I mix a tablespoon of greek yogurt into it. I have been doing this since I got her at 6...
  15. Fionasmom

    Thank you so much!:clap::clap::clap:

    Thank you so much!:clap::clap::clap:
  16. Fionasmom

    Thank you so much!:clap:

    Thank you so much!:clap:
  17. Fionasmom

    Any Suggestions? Fiona is smelling bad!

    Fiona is now 19 months old now. I haven't changed anything with her diet. She went to the groomers and they even did her anal glands. She smelled great for the day. But the next day, the strong smell came again. I remember that my beloved Sheldon smelled the same way. I brought him to the vet...
  18. Fionasmom

    Daily poll: Can you tell if your bulldog is mad at you?

    Fiona will turn her back at me, where ever we are if she is mad at me. It is so funny.
  19. Fionasmom

    What a wonderful story. Can I ask how Sheldon rescued you? I can't figure how to upload my...

    What a wonderful story. Can I ask how Sheldon rescued you? I can't figure how to upload my Sheldon's picture so you can see him.