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  1. Miss Lola

    Fromm Surf and Turf - confused!

    You are right on target! My pups still get 3/4 cup 3x a day. Most food bags will also say on them that growing puppies may need more than the recommended amount listed.
  2. Miss Lola

    General Question How much is right ?

    Mine get 3/4 cup 3x a day of Fromm Pork and Applesauce
  3. Miss Lola

    Is this weird? (Sleeping, no potty for going on 16 hours)

    Our two go to their crates at 9pm and on the weekends we don't go and wake them until 8-9 sometimes the next morning, they only go pee because I take them straight out but if you go to the couch with them they will happily go right back to sleep for the rest of the morning.
  4. Miss Lola

    Suggestions for weight gain?

    That is so true. Our pups are half siblings, they share the same dad but have different moms. They eat the same amount of food of the same type at the same time and such a difference in their bodies.
  5. Miss Lola

    Suggestions for weight gain?

    Ill give the cheese and eggs a try, my son is deathly allergic to peanuts so peanut butter isn't an option in our house.
  6. Miss Lola

    Suggestions for weight gain?

    He already gets yogurt once a day!
  7. Miss Lola

    Suggestions for weight gain?

    Hi I'm looking for any suggestions to add a few pounds on to our boy Floyd. He is almost 9 months old and so super skinny. Our pups have definitely grown differently our Lola who is 7 weeks older is quite short and stocky where he just kept shooting up and getting skinnier which made sense. But...
  8. Miss Lola

    Goodbye Lady Bits

    Wishing Effie a speedy recovery!
  9. Miss Lola

    Just a rant

    For starters I'm very sorry your dog was bit, but glad he wasn't injured very badly. I hope his cut heals up very quick. As far as Pitbulls are concerned they are a very mis-judged breed with a lot of un truths told in the facts about them. I would say your incident is 100% human at fault...
  10. Miss Lola

    Daily poll: Does your bulldog(s) have a nickname?

    Lola= Bean, Beaners, Lolie, Princess, Girl Floyd= Boy, Floydatron, Floydapotamiss
  11. Miss Lola

    Someone got good sleep...

    He is so adorable!
  12. Miss Lola


    I can't say for sure but my pups have eaten pretty much every plant in my yard including a Hydrangea and they are both alive and well.
  13. Miss Lola

    New bully mommy has cherry eye question

    Our girl had cherry eye surgery in both eyes recently and yes there definitely still was redness and what looked like swelling. One eye healed very fast and the other eye took a little longer. It was about 8-10 days before it was completely normal. Our Vet just told us just to watch for a lot of...
  14. Miss Lola

    How much should I be feeding Tali?

    We use to feed the pups 1 cup 3x a day and about a month ago switched to 3/4 cup 3x a day, the pups are 8 & 9 months now.
  15. Miss Lola

    My boys!!!

    Happy Birthday to both of your boys! What a great picture and good job on the bone cake, you've got a lucky boy!
  16. Miss Lola

    Ruckus and Regina!!!!!! Finally!!!!

    Congrats on your new baby, cute cute cute pictures!
  17. Miss Lola

    Pool party!!

    Love the pictures, we are going to pick up a little pool like that for our pups this summer.
  18. Miss Lola

    Your bully baby photos

    Here's a few of Lola and Floyd between 7 -14 weeks
  19. Miss Lola

    WHAT!! $28,000 for a lilac bulldog.

    There's a place not far from us that have rare bulldogs and frenchies and the prices go up to $50,000. Just crazy!