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  1. agentbunny

    Question about using Coconut Oil

    Yikes. That's scary. I give coconut oil everyday in the morning feed and salmon oil in the night feed. I think I will stop with the coconut oil altogether.
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    Diagnosed with Puppy Mange - Want to switch to RAW

    Hi there! My Leo had mange when I got him at 5 months old and we did not get rid of it until he was about 16 months old. He was on Primal raw (still is) and honestly it did not make any difference as far as the mange. The food is great and he is super healthy, I just don't think it will help...
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    Halloween Costumes

    What do you think?
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    Possible Seizure??

    Wow.... thats amazing. I did not realize how many different types of idiopathic epilepsy there were. Lola has it as well, though it does not occur frequently enough to require meds. I know parkinsons is a disorder due to the bosy's insufficient production of dopamine. Is his similar? Like tremors?
  5. agentbunny

    Possible Seizure??

    To me it looks more like he is air licking, not fly biting. Dogs usually air lick when something feels irritating like there is something in between their teeth, there is an itch somewhere they can't get to, the nose rope needs cleaning or if they are nauseous. They also do it if they are...
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    Obnoxious prices?

    Naw... he was running around like crazy the next morning, but this was him when i brought him home:
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    Obnoxious prices?

    What did the vet say about the hiding testicle? Mine told me that if it was not removed it could cause cancer but that there was always a chance it would drop. Leo's was so high in his abdomen that I didnt want to take the chance. Here is a pic of where they had to make the cut.
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    Another Great Use For Vinegar

    great post!
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    Obnoxious prices?

    Here in San Francisco and surrounding areas, you can expect to pay $2500 per eye for cherry eye surgery. Lola's spay was close to $600 and she was only 6 months old when it was done. Leo was neutered at 5 months old and because he had a testicle that had not descended , they had to get it...
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    Is anyone got experience with Dyslexia

    Most American schools have special programs for children with learning disabilities at no cost to the family.
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    I need help asap

    I know this is a weird question, but has she been into any macadamia nuts? I had 2 yorkies that ate macadamias and were literally paralyzed in the back legs for 4 days.
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    FAQ: Does your bulldog have tear stains?

    Yes, Leo had them when I got him. The stains were bad. I cleared them up with Angel Eyes in two weeks. He has never had them since. Lola never had them.
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    General Question My bulldog stares at the ceiling at times?

    If he cranes his head far back when he does it, it could be stargazers syndrome. Can you post a video? There is not much to do about it unless he does it all the time. stargazing is a mild seizure. That may not be the reason your dog is doing it though.
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    Seasonal Flank Alopecia??? or Some sort of Mange

    great post! I will have to read up on thyroid conditions
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    Why is he being such a bully? :-/

    If he is under a year old than it sounds like normal puppy behavior to me. Lola used to do the same until we got Leo and then she directed her attention to pummeling him and he did likewise. They had great fun! I know what you mean about the sharp puppy teeth. Try to redirect his attention with...
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    Royal Canin is terrible quality food. Acana is much better. Having said that, the bumps look like typical allergy pustules. Your pup may have seasonal allergies to things like grass and pollen. If he is allergic to the food, it would be the protein or grain. I do not think Acana uses cheap...
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    Seasonal Flank Alopecia??? or Some sort of Mange

    If that was mange that had generalized to that large of an area, there would be bald spots and the dog would have a very strong smell, kind of like a mousey musk. Hard to explain but It smells like the musk of bunch of mice in a cage in a pet store. Does your pup have this mousy odor? Does he...
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    Carlie's perfect pose!

    Beautiful dog!