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  1. sstewart2010

    Frank is at the emergency vet - so worried

    Sending positive thoughts your way, hopefully Frankie feels better soon!!
  2. sstewart2010

    Help Needed! Anybody here ever dealt with this?

    Sorry have not been on here in a few days. Everything still going good, still keeping it all down so to speak :) Yes Leroy does inhale his food and water at times lol. I got the slow feed bowl too but the one Igot is stainless steel so he can't destroy it! it slows him down some but not a whole...
  3. sstewart2010

    Help Needed! Anybody here ever dealt with this?

    Leroy and I want to thank you for the hugs!
  4. sstewart2010

    Help Needed! Anybody here ever dealt with this?

    Hi agingermom! Thanks for replying and I think that you are right! I just think that my vet jumped to the worse conclusion here, and what suprises me is that he owns an English Bulldog himself so I thought he would be more knowledgeable and sympathetic I guess. He did call me the other day, told...
  5. sstewart2010

    Help Needed! Anybody here ever dealt with this?

    Today Leroy is doing great, no throw up or diarreha. Normal energy level, happy dog all around! Giving him lots of cuddles and kisses over here as well! I am trying to think happy thoughts and all of you guys have been a tremendous help in that it is very much appreciated!
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    Help Needed! Anybody here ever dealt with this?

    Viking girl: I am so sorry that you amd your husband have to go through that! The waiting is the worst part and it's just like torture, I hate how the dr's say something major MIGHT be wrong but we don't know for sure...they need to have these tests that have instant results! please know that I...
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    Help Needed! Anybody here ever dealt with this?

    Thank you everyone for replying, all the great info and the positive thoughts!I really appreciate everyone here :) The vet did a stool sample about 3 weeks ago and that came back negative, heartworm test came back negative as well. Yeah now that I am taking some time to look at this rationally...
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    Help Needed! Anybody here ever dealt with this?

    Hi Everybody, I know I don't post very often on here and for that I am sorry :( My Leroy is just going through a rough time right now and I didn't know if any of you have been through anything similar or not and I just thought I would share and see if anybody may have any advice or anything. I...
  9. sstewart2010

    Sir Meatgrinder Barkley ~ 12 weeks old

    Oh my goodness what a handsome boy!
  10. sstewart2010

    RIP Audrey

    :hug:I am so sorry for your losses, I hope you have plenty of friends and family close to you in your time of need.
  11. sstewart2010

    Napping chair...

    Great pics and Kevin is adorabull!
  12. sstewart2010

    Marvelous characters! Pic heavy!

    Beautiful pics! They look like such hams lol
  13. sstewart2010

    Gavin and Radar

    awww very cute! They do grow really fast so hopefully you are taking lots of pics! (both the pup and the kid, lol) :D
  14. sstewart2010


    lol they don't just ask for your attention they demand it ALL the time. My little guy will sit there and paw, groan, and give me the "stink eye" until I either get down on the floor and play with him or take him to bed with me! :lmao:
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    Article: Is an English Bulldog the Right Breed for You?

    Great article, sounds just about right!
  16. sstewart2010

    Greetings from Georgia!!

    Welcome to EBN! I did the same thing as you (read the forums and stuff for a few months and then finally joined) not sure what took me so long as everyone on here has been really nice and helpful! Great pic of your bully by the way, it literally made me lol :D
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    Hello Everyone!!!

    Welcome to EBN! There are lots of helpful people on here so don't be afraid to ask questions :-)
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    Happy Birthday Dudley

    Happy 3rd Birthday Dudley! What a cutie!!
  19. sstewart2010

    Chumley is 3 today!

    Happy Birthday Chumley! Hope you are enjoying your "adult beverage" lol :P