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    Hoppy Easter to all!
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    Goofy Gilbert

    LOL! Shirley does it too!!!!
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    Look....Same Dog

    I am learning these are typical bulldog looks! Glad Shirley isn't the only one that has these "looks". Man, can be so cute and innocent looking then you look back over and there's a look of I'm going to eat your soul! Princess and the grinch is beautiful regardless :0)
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    Hugo is finally in our home

    Congratulations and welcome home Hugo!
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    New Puppy Questions w/Pic

    Welcome home lil Mr T!!! Congratulations on your new family member Clyde :0)
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    Silly Shirley Wigglebut

    So unladylike.... just showing all her goods like it's nothing when usually she sits with her back legs crossed all proper and ladylike... silly silly girl! No Shirley, you're not a hooman even though you have and wear tshirts!! Thinking back, this would have been hilarious had I put a diaper...
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    Silly Shirley Wigglebut

    This position cracked me up, thought I'd share for laffs! Shirley says "I'm hooman too!"
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    Bella playing dead....

    Silly girl that's hilarious!!!
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    Lawn Service - Safe ??

    I have 2 horses. A quarter horse and a Draft. My draft leaves huge piles lol! I has plenty of horse poo fertilizer which I need to feed to my roses soon. I know dogs love rolling in it and eating it so I'd say it's safe for lawns too :0)
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    Lawn Service - Safe ??

    I has plenty of pet friendly fertilizer! Lots of horse poop! It makes rose bushes grow enormously!
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    Lick mat?

    I was thinking exact same thing 2bullymama!!!
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    New Puppy Questions w/Pic

    Congratulations! Do you have a name picked out yet?
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    Lick mat?

    Those snuffle mats are also called rooting mats for pet mini piggies if you're looking into getting one, it'll be much easier to find online for you :0)
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    Lick mat?

    If you can find a cheap one, it might be worth a shot as I did not know his eyesight was on the decline. It just won't keep him entertained for long if you're looking for entertainment vs just a quick treat giver.
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    New Puppy Questions w/Pic

    Awe he's absolutely adorably precious! I know nothing about puppies, I adopted an adult. I'm sure the more puppy experienced members will reply soon :0)
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    Lick mat?

    Shirley has one. I have put coconut oil and peanut butter on it (at different times, not together) and it only kept her occupied for a maximum of 5 minutes. A waste of money. Actually gave it to my piggie girls but they only get the coconut oil on it. Get Castor a Kong and fill it, it'll take a...
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    English Bulldog too skinny

    I agree, poor boy looks too skinny. The only suggestion I can give is to get him on a really good protein food or some members feed raw. I feed my girl Zignature catfish 1 cup breakfast, 1 cup supper and she's 56.8lbs turning 7 next month. She's definitely a healthy weight. I have no clue about...
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    Bruno has a hard head

    What? Your boy has no brakes? Poor outlet cover. Glad Bruno has hard head and he's okay. My quarter horse was running around the pasture acting an idiot the other day, his rear end slipped out from under him and down he went, slid and stopped with his right knee and took out half a tree stump...
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    New phone cover arrived!

    I appreciate that. My phone rarely goes in a case because I hardly ever leave the house. Most photos I have are digital. My old digital camera hasn't worked in well over 10 years and before smart phones lol I have lost all my photo albums and all his baby pictures :0( He put up a long and...
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    Howdy from Kentucky

    Howdy from Oklahoma! Shirley Wigglebutt (turning 7 next month) waves paws at Levi :0)