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    Team Two Scoops earned TKN

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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Agreed, Lammy is a fighter, no doubt! And so are you. Please hang in there and know we are all praying for Lambeau and you! You are constantly in my thoughts. I could take a drive down to PA if you need, just say the word. :heartsign:
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    Probiotic, Kraut & Bovine Colostrum

    I don't have the answer to this one, but mine get bovine colostrom and goats milk (for probiotic), so i am following along because i am sure someone here will have some answers :)
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    Say hello to Humphrey

    Zedsded I am so THRILLED for you!!!! Welcome sweet Humphrey! You sure are handsome! I can't even take it.. that sweet little whine of his... 💕 :heart: :blowkiss:
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    I need some advice about an ongoing eye issue!

    I'm so glad you were able to get to the specialist! I was reading through this thread and was just above where you updated about getting into the specialist..and i hadn't seen that part yet. I stopped and was pulling up all my spreadsheets from my girls meds. She had an ulcer a while back and...
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    slow-bowl alternative

    You know, I tried this bowl a while back but it was the smaller one.. I think i am going to get it again but get the larger size. He really couldn't get his face into the smaller one. I think after the hand feeding for a bit i may be able to get away with this. We will try :)
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    slow-bowl alternative

    Hi Benny and sorry for such a delay. I have been travelling for the last couple weeks for work so I am just getting back into the groove. I did start Harvey on hand feeding right after this post.. but was only able to do it a few days before i started travelling. You can imagine, it's...
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Oh Christine, I'm so glad to see the last update that Lambeau is feeling better. I absolutely know you were over the moon and probably to tears when he got his ball and bone! You are doing such an amazing job. Please try to take care of you in the midst of all this, although I also know we...
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    In case anyone was wondering…

    That is one sweet and lucky boy!
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    Hey everyone

    What a sweetie you are Chata 💕 Welcome!!
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    slow-bowl alternative

    Thank you!! I will let you know how it goes. I'm going to start this afternoon.
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    Oh, the poop......

    Same here for Stella! She knows she is getting wiped every time, but she growls like the devil! She only does it with me too! so i hold a treat and she will be a silent little angel:sneaky2:
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    I'm Driving

    love this!! I am totally getting one!
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    slow-bowl alternative

    Thanks Benny for sharing this. I do struggle with my boy eating too fast. I have tried so many bowls! I stopped using the slow feed one i had a long time ago because it seemed he couldn't get into it. Recently he had aspiration pn and it's possible it could have been from eating too fast...
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Sweet Lambeau, i'm sorry you have had it so rough. I too am sending lots of kisses and prayers to all of you. You have all been through so much, sometimes the mind is numb from so much overload as well as exhaustion. I am glad they figured it out and that he didn't have a reaction to the...
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    I'm Driving

    OMG could he be any cuter??? ps... Harvey needs that harness! where did you get one that says ball junkie? it's awesome :)
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG... I hate this!!!! there has to be someone you could get that could come in a few times a day? Do you have any good neighbors? Have you checked into Rover?? I do know there are some on Rover that specialize in dogs with special needs and or requirements.. Could...
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    Laser Therapy vs TPLO surgery

    Duke sure is a cutie!! I did respond in the other thread but wanted to drop a note in here as well. If i were you, i would definitely try the laser therapy first and utilize the surgery route if it is absolutely necessary. Granted, my situation was and is a little different because her knee...
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Oh Christine, i'm so glad Lambeau's results are better. That is such great news! However, i am with you, it does not explain the poo. Hopefully it is due to the chemo and will level itself out. I hope you can get to the bottom of it. But it breaks my heart to hear that you are being...