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  1. Krissie

    Training a puppy mill momma

    Stay strong! We adopted a puppy mill momma 3 months ago, Ivy. She is only 2 years old and has adapted pretty well, I give a lot of credit to our 3 year old female bulldog Quinn. She is laid back so it helped with being so timid and scared. We cuddled her alot and when we took her outside...
  2. Krissie

    Castor at work

    This photo belongs on canvas! Just gorgeous!
  3. Krissie

    Meet Ivy, Quinn's new sister!

    I'm so happy to help her, Quinn also needed another bully to play with. Only took 4 days to become best friends. Hi Castor! You are a cute one!!
  4. Krissie

    Meet Ivy, Quinn's new sister!

    We just rescued this sweet girl on March 6th. We drove 4 hrs to Iowa to get her. She was a puppy mill breeding female. She is only 2 years old, poor girl didn't even get the opportunity to become full size due to them breeding her far to young. She also has demodex but nothing will stop me...
  5. Krissie

    Picture Perfect Pup

    Omg she is so beautiful I love her face so much. My sweet Quinn
  6. Krissie

    Getting towards the end

    I'm really sorry to hear he's at the end. I know if it were me...I wouldn't be able to do it yet...not until I really felt he was done. You'll know.
  7. Krissie

    Tayto is a big brother

    Congrats!! Best of both worlds!
  8. Krissie

    Mommy's little Monster

    Passed out from a long day of play...and yard work excitement.
  9. Krissie

    Tylee's from Chewy

    Exactly what it was like! I was thinking FreshPet but it's really pricey.
  10. Krissie

    Tylee's from Chewy

    Well....that article made me change my mind.
  11. Krissie

    Oh Dear

    Isn't that so funny! My Quinn will not even be in the same room with Mario. I have a 20 inch mario figure i painted for my fish tank and she just freaks when I pull it out. Silly doggies! - - - Updated - - - Have fun with that family!
  12. Krissie

    Tylee's from Chewy

    It says they pack it with dry ice.
  13. Krissie

    Tylee's from Chewy

    Has anyone tried this food? I want to introduce fresh food and this brand looks pretty good. Any ideas?
  14. Krissie

    Advise needed!! New puppy pick up

    Pretty sure they have to be 8 weeks to be released. I would wait until then
  15. Krissie


    She always gives me this look after we are playing fetch for awhile. Haha.....she melts my heart!
  16. Krissie

    Hi everyone!!!

    Awww I just want to squeeze him!
  17. Krissie

    New to the EB Community!

    Welcome! Your sweet baby girl is adorable!
  18. Krissie

    Meet Quinn

    Thank you!! We are pleased to join the family!
  19. Krissie

    How does your bulldog get your attention?

    My sweet Quinn gets into things she knows she isn't suppised to. This way she gets attention even if she is in trouble. Haha
  20. Krissie

    Meet Quinn

    Hello everyone. We introduced Quinn to our family on 4/5 and she is now 4 months old. She is very playful and full of energy but man she can be a nap machine after playing.