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    Allergies or something more? Please help!

    Agree, Hills Science is not good quality food. We use Stella and chewy. Everyone here has great advice. But the biggest difference I noticed was starting a probiotic supplement everyday. Yes, Bulldogs are expensive but I would much rather pay for preventatives than visit the vets.
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    TEXAS English Bulldog Available for Adoption

    This breaks my heart, I wish I could take them all.....
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    Traveling Internationally

    Please don't do it. Bulldogs do not do well and sometimes die with air transport. The Queen Mary allows pets with a cruise to England, but yhat would be very difficult.
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    Anal Gland Express

    My baby's butt smelled like fish so bad, she would leak small amounts of discharge out if her butt. Starting probiotics daily has almost completely stopped this issue. Hope this helps.
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    My bulldog changed when he turned 3

    It could be possession agression, I have a little experience in that area. Maybe he feels possessive of you and is "jealous" of the kids getting attention. The only way to deal with the problem is to train it out of them. I hope that helps.
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    ADVICE NEEDED - 6mo Old EB Puppy - can no longer walk

    I agree with suggestion of bad breeding. But remember, even if she loses the ability to walk on her back legs, there are devices that help dogs live full lives. Don't give up and hoping for a full recovery for your baby.
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    Food for Acid Reflux

    Could probiotics supplements help? Just curious...
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    Farts farts and more farts !!!

    Definitely diet related, also, if you switch food consider adding probiotic supplement to her diet.
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    What dog food should I get ?!?

    My girl seems to be allergic to beef and grains, I went with organix poultry and fish mixes. Also, we add a probiotic supplement to her diet so she has good poo's. Hope this helps and good luck.
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    Potential move to Cyprus

    The Queen Mary ship allows dogs to sail, it sails to from NY (I think) to England. From England you can ground transport yourselves, albeit, a long journey. I do not trust any airline with my girl. I have thought many times of moving to Europe and that's the only way I would take my pups.
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    Buy Raw Online?

    My girl is allergic to everything it seems. In addition to quality dog food consider a probiotic chew, it has done wonders for my girl.
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    Heat rash on neck?

    Bullies have many allergies, but seriously, get the pups inside, those temps too high for him to be outside.
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    Linking Head tremors to heart worm prevention meds

    I have noticed that the first time I gave my Stella heart guard plus she started having head tremors within hours of ingestion. I stopped the medication for the winter months and no tremors. I then recently started her on them again and she has started the head tremors again. I read the side...