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  1. jtyson

    Targeted aggression towards certain individuals

    I've had my EB for nearing a year now. He came from a rescue as a breeder stud throwaway that was rehomed, developed epilepsy, went to the rescue, then to me. *edit* He is not quite 3 years old. Initially, no aggression issues at all. People, dogs, cats, children, whatever. He was fine with...
  2. jtyson

    Bulldog weight

    My stumpy fellow is tipping the scales at 50lbs at nearly 3 years old. He was 42 and looked a little slim, so we bumped things up a bit to thicken him slightly, and apparently that was a little too much, so now he is back on a diet to try and get him to about 45-46lbs. Not considering the...
  3. jtyson

    Adopted a problem child

    I'll look into that food. Not familiar with it. He was getting yogurt with his food the first couple weeks at the suggestion of the rescue but that resulted in some loose stools so it got cut. When I've got a bit more time I'll look at the link. I am honestly back and forth on homeopathic...
  4. jtyson

    Adopted a problem child

    Sure. It was a bit before 4:30am and I heard him bang against the crate harder than normal. I turned on the lights and he was on his side with legs straight out. I wasn't sure if this was a puppy dream or what so i went to roll him onto his belly and that is when the seizure really took off. He...
  5. jtyson

    Adopted a problem child

    He has been with us since right before Thanksgiving so I guess a bit over 3 months. He has settled in pretty well considering we have a bit of a chaotic household and he deals with multiple different adults. We lack the standard pack structure with one Alpha that typically comes with getting a...
  6. jtyson

    Adopted a problem child

    My first english bulldog. Had a frenchie before. This dude came from a rescue in Utah by way of California. He was a breeder throwaway effectively. Has his share of issues at the ripe old age of 2. He is a pain, doesn't listen, and is the most high maintenance thing I've ever owned. But boy is...