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    Flea treatment?

    What do y'all use for fleas? Been reading and a lot of people use frontline but has mix reviews. What would y'all recommend me to use.
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    Bald spots please help

    Have a 6 month English Bulldog and recently started getting 3 bald spots. One in his neck and 2 on his body. They are very small but nothing I've seen before. Wondering if y'all know what it could be. Has me alittle worried. Idk if it a food reaction but berly came up and has been eating Acana...
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    Acana Food

    Sounds good thanks you. He's doing good on this one was just wondering.
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    Acana Food

    What acana food do y'all recommend for a 5month english bulldog. Seeing lots of people say feed him 1 protein at a time. But currently feeding my ebd the acana puppy and junior formula and has 3 or 4 different kind of protein. Should I keep him on that puppy formula or should I switch to a...
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    First EBD!!!

    Thank you!!
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    First EBD!!!

    Recently purchase my first EBD. Have learned lots about the breed searching online and Looking to learn alot more from all of y'all. His name is max and is 5 months.
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    Bulldog Too skinny?

    Have a 5 month english bulldog and feeding him Acana puppy plan twice a day 1 cup and doesn't seem to be gaining weight, looks skinny for me but need y'all opinion. Am I feeding him too little? Just curious... comparing him to most English bulldogs I've seen that are chunky.