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    People Who Deserve the Same Treatment as Their EB

    Yes, the local rescue would most likely want him. In fact, the shelter may have already called them but it wouldn't help to make sure they know about the poor guy. there may already be offers of a home for him at the sheter as well. People's hearts go out to animals treated like this after it...
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    What I have learned (so far) about my crazy OCD EB!

    You did say they were 2 year olds. It sound like he's acting like one.
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    Illustrated Bulldog Conformation Standard

    This is the best Bulldog Standard Information I've seen. However, please not it is not put out by the AKC but the BBCR. I do believe that it is pretty much the same as the AKC standard however and would be helpful none the less. On a side note, I am quite familiar with the BBCR. My...
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    Doggie gates

    Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate. Amazon's got them.
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    Peeing on fabric

    We all know many bulldogs like to pee on fabric inside. My Frenchie will not go outside in the rain period. She will pee on a crate mat or anything else on the floor. I have found a compromise for us - a Waterhog Doormat. It's not the least expensive short term but I've had the same ones...
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    Suffering from allergies ....

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    Need a little advice.....

    I use a small mortar and pestal but you could use a paper plate and a hammer. You wipe the peanut butter onto the roof of his mouth. then he has to eat it to get it out, plus it's really funny to watch. I use the fresh ground stuff my grocery store (Publix) sells in the deli dept.
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    My first tutu!

    You realize you now have to paint her nails.
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    Need a little advice.....

    Crunchy peanut butter. Crush the pill and mix it in. First, he can't spit the peanut butter out and second he won't be able to tell the pill pieces from the peanut pieces. Of course, you could do it the way the doctor does. Open his mouth, stick the pill as far back into is as possible, hold...
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    Marking or showing who is boss?

    It is not unusual for bullies to pee on any fabric they can. My Frenchie sometimes does that. she won't go all the way outside in the rain. that time I have and acceptable absorbent mat I put down for her to use. I wonder if they're just too lazy to get up and go outside sometimes (I have a...
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    Need a little advice.....

    Liverwurst, peanut butter or cheese sticks (not slices) work here. Liverwurst is the favorite this week.
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    How much food per day?

    He looks good waist wise. Bullys are supposed to have one. Puppies as young as yours are often rolly-poly You could probably up it by a half cup per day and see what that does. Too much and he'll get runny poop. also, watch his waist and make sure he doesn't get straight back from shoulders...
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    Really. It can happen. I used to run a natural foods coop. Sometimes folks would over do the carrot juice and they would turn orange from the excessive Vitamin A. Watch his poop. If it gets runny he's getting too much fiber. If he stops eating a full serving of his regular food that also...
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    meeting Abrams potential new dad today.

    Best of luck for both you and Abram.
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    URGENT!!! AC is broken! Help!

    Cooling vest? cooling pad?
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    Which one's not like the other?

    Winston is not looking at the camera and is hiding behind his tongue. The other three are posed very nicely. Apparently Winston is the group's Goofball who messes up all the pictures. :loco2:
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    Help Needed! Allergies!!?? I hate you!!

    the food that gave Big Zam his nightmarish allergic reaction had bison ias the protein source. Try Pacific Stream of the Lamb version of TOTW. They are single source protein versions and I've had success with both of those.
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    URGENT!!! AC is broken! Help!

    It's over 90 most of the time already down here. My living room gets up to about 78 in the afternoon with the AC set at 73. I keep the fans going and the dogs are fine since they mostly lay around and do nothing. I've never had a problem with the heat and my dogs inside. Also, they sell units...
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    ever had one of those days where you just cant get comfy in bed?!

    Been there, done that many times. I finely gave up on the whole bed thing and use crate pads.
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    Sleeping Arrangement

    I have a fenced off room containing Zam's (10 months) crate and paraphernalia which has been otherwise doggie proofed where he sleeps. It works well for us and allows him to use the doggie door as needed. If he decides is barky barky time I just shut the doggie door for a few hours. I moved...