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  1. helsonwheels

    Bulldog weight

    When you see the waist caving along the last back rib, that’s your sign when to stop the diet n maintain that weight.
  2. helsonwheels

    Best food

    Good to know for ALL U.K. Pet owners. Hard for us Westerners not knowing what works as pet food overseas. We don’t have it on this side. We get asked often from UK residents but….. Cheers‼️
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    Issue with Tapatalk

    I got rid of TT cause it uses a lot of data. Why I have no clue.
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    Dog appears to have a cut in eye

    You need to bring him to a vet before it gets infected. He must of scratched it on something like a branch or whatever.
  5. helsonwheels

    Nyala's half sister.

    Nice memories…. I lost them photos. Glad it’s in here!
  6. helsonwheels

    Aflatoxin… Avoiding the Deadliest Natural Toxin in Dog Food

    After reading this, bare in mind, Royal Canin, Science Hill or Purina mostly contain all grains! Why I say often not to feed these brands to any dogs as they’re not cows.………Cows have one stomach but has 4 specialized compartments. So in a nutshell these compartment are purposely made to help the...
  7. helsonwheels

    Bulldog weight

    I was about to say he’s not an EB but Olde. Yes they will be bigger. Does your vet know Bruce is an Olde? Usually a belly that hangs a bit is your indicator to lose a few pounds. Always better to be on the thinner side for bullies. But like you said get a top view photo 👍
  8. helsonwheels

    Best food

    In the UK you have also Acana. They’re single protein bags. They are high quality kibbles n I would start with duck. It’s easier to digest. Plz don’t use royal canine. It’s all grains n definitely not fit for dogs but farm animals. Avoid any brand like Royal Canin, Science Hill, Purina. You...
  9. helsonwheels

    Dave the bulldog pup

    Youre a good soul. I say this often re-build his immune system. Go to your butcher ask for raw marrow bones not the join ones as per the photo attached. Have them cut 4-5” long n feed raw. Start using fermented sauerkraut or fermented veggies n add 1/4 cup (32 g) with meals or as a snack daily...
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    My bully baby boy's birthday today

    Happy Birthday Baldur! :cake3::birthday2:
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    Digestive issues-Help

    Tylenol? Auto correct for tylan powder? I know you know so this message is for the ones that dont….Tylenol will kill a dog. It’s simply an auto correct typo.
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    For Maria Oscar Mum

    @Maria Oscar Mum Attached is what I was trying to send you privately. But I need to learn to unscrambled this newly fresh website first loll..
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    Digestive issues-Help

    After 8months definitely your dog’s immune system is down. Way too long to be on any meds. Diarrhea is an issue we read often on this site & I would have to say 90% from what we read are dogs on long term of antibiotics. Antibiotics will destroy the gut flora n why your dogs isnt getting any...
  14. helsonwheels

    Help Needed! Bulldog still crackly 2 months after KC

    About a month ish ago, Jake swallowed part of a bone from a raw joint. I never ever give joints to any dogs. Husband‘s fault…Didn’t know I use the joints for my bone broth n not for dogs. don’t ask :) Anyhooo, he stopped pooping for 6 days n had an X-ray done. Never got sedated either n my vet...
  15. helsonwheels

    HELP - My bulldog suffered FCE/spinal stroke

    I just answered you in your PM. Ask @Cbrugs since I’m in Canada. Won’t be the same as you in the USA. BTW, don’t use CBD with meds. Give it like humans 3hrs later. Or before bed if there’s no meds at night.
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    I like Tequila…and I really like…

    Only 10% on 200$ sure isn’t much n better be a quality Tequila. If they gave 20-25% towards shelters they might have more buyers.
  17. helsonwheels

    HELP - My bulldog suffered FCE/spinal stroke

    You should look into CBD oil. A few members here uses CBD for for joint issues n one for a “spinal neck” issue and has good result. I use it as maintenance. I give it every other day. Also good results for bladder, organs, muscles etc. Most definitely you should look into this. Just a thought.
  18. helsonwheels

    Pseudomonas Infection

    I would definitely give NuStock a try. Couple yrs ago Jake completely ripped all of his top paw. Lawnmower n anxiety. Don’t ask….The paw never got the chance to get infected cause I used first bag balm for the first couple days then finished with NuStock. Took a good week before removing all...
  19. helsonwheels

    Bruno the first & Bruno the 2nd

    Both look great. Always better to keep a dog on the leaner side. Bruno 1 is perfect.