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  1. Leon van houkje

    Leon Van T 'Houkje

    They were custom made sorry for the double post
  2. Leon van houkje

    Leon Van T 'Houkje

    We had them made g8erjackie
  3. Leon van houkje

    Leon Van T 'Houkje

    No it was a basic house we just added extra rooms and space on to it
  4. Leon van houkje

    Leon Van T 'Houkje

    I've been away for a while had a house built and still trying to get everything sorted. Took a while for leon to settle when we moved but he's doing great now....
  5. Leon van houkje

    Harness Suggestions

    He's out grown that one now lol Sorry I haven't been on here much but moving into a new house next week
  6. Leon van houkje

    English Bulldog Puppies: Then and Now

    Leon when he was 3 months old Leon now 1 year and 2 weeks old
  7. Leon van houkje

    Leon Van T 'Houkje

    Just a few new fotos from today hope this thread isn't annoying.
  8. Leon van houkje

    Who has a small bully?

    Riggins is cute but always looks angry lol
  9. Leon van houkje

    Leon is 1

    Thanks for all the kind replies... We are taking him to a photo shoot today which will be very interesting haha
  10. Leon van houkje

    Leon is 1

    Leon became 1 in the 17th of September.
  11. Leon van houkje

    Julius k-9 power harness size?

    Leon as the size 0 on there but it's maxed out so we got a size 2 which fits perfect plus plenty room for adjustment if he grows bigger
  12. Leon van houkje

    Julius k-9 power harness size?

    Leon is around 50lb and he's just moved from size 0 to size 2 Pic below is size 0
  13. Leon van houkje

    AAARRRUGG!! I'm sick of buying harnesses!!!

    Another one for the julius k-9
  14. Leon van houkje

    FAQ: What do you feed your bulldog?

    Taste of the wild pacific stream....found out he is sensitive to grain and chicken but since he's been on this food he's done great
  15. Leon van houkje

    Nice Collar!!

    Nice collars and very good looking dogs
  16. Leon van houkje

    Puppy weight ?

    Shes a good looking puppy. Don't worry about her weight to much only if she starts getting to round. Bulldogs grow at different rates and no one is the same.
  17. Leon van houkje

    First time Bulldog owner!

    Welcome lots of smart people here full of information who will gladly help
  18. Leon van houkje

    Dirty looks

    The stink eye always makes us here all laugh lol.