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  1. IPickedADaisy

    Is your bully on Instagram?

    Ha! We are already following you!
  2. IPickedADaisy

    Is your bully on Instagram?

    I'm going to go follow everybody! We're DaisyMaehambone
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    Doggy Door--Good Idea?

    I have one for Daisy and it works for us. She goes out and does her business and comes back inside. It works out well especially in the middle of the night if she has to go. I don't worry about the heat because she is not a sun worshipper she is more of a bed worshipper.
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    URGENT!!! Beware of the dangerous side effects of vaccinations

    Awww my heart goes out to you and that sweet baby. My Daisy Mae also had a severe reaction to her vaccinations at 4 months. She was at emergency vet for 4 days before they finally gave me any indication she might live. I had even already said my goodbyes to her. The vet has agreed that she...
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    I bought the Misfit Shine instead because I like the look of it better. It tracks steps & activity plus sleep patterns. But now... no friends! I have only had it a week and I am totally addicted to it. I even ran up & down the stairs about 10 times the other night when I hadn't quite met my...
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    Does your bulldog have a social media presence?

    I just followed everyone on here. Some of you I was already following! Daisy's instagram is DaisyMaeHambone
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    Scary dog mom moment!

    Leave it is a life saver in my house! But no contest that "mom mode" is the most used!
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    SPOILERS! The Full 2015 English Bulldog News Calendar

    Spectacular job! I can't wait to get mine.
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    Deaf bully

    My daughter has a deaf Frenchie. He's a delight & she has taught him hand signals also. He's young & energetic so sometimes out in the yard it's hard to get him to come back because he's not facing her. I think my favorite thing is that someone can ring the doorbell and there is no freak-out...
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    New find at Marshall's!

    I got mine at Home Goods. I had told myself all the bulldog stuff would be contained in one room (the new bulldog room) and then I find a soap dispenser at Home Goods. I had to have it but... I don't need soap in the bulldog room. Shoot... now the bulldog stuff crept into the kitchen.
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    Daisy lost*Northwest Indiana

    Oh my gosh! I am soooo happy for you & Daisy.
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    I need help. Like big time. My ex got rid of Daisy. Read on

    If you don't have your info on her chip number your vet should be able to give it to you. Call the company & get her reported as stolen. That way if the new unsuspecting family brings her to vet the chip company should notify you. Good luck to you and Daisy.
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    I need help. Like big time. My ex got rid of Daisy. Read on

    I'm so sorry. Poor Daisy is probably wondering what the heck happened. My daughter & her boyfriend broke up & she had the dog but officially it was his. He contacted the chip people & took her name off & reported the dog stolen. Then contacted the vet & said the dog was stolen so she...
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    So sorry for your loss. RIP to your beautiful Princess.
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    Gentle giant meaty :)

    That's a great picture. You should frame it!
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    Meet our 3rd Foster...Winston

    What a handsome boy! Looks like he's fitting in nicely.
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    RIP Roscoe Pee

    Thank you all for your kind words. I learned from the vet that he likely had a blood clot that caused a seizure. They said even if I was home and got him to them immediately they probably wouldn't have been able to save him. Knowing that helps me with the guilt of what if....? RIP Roscoe...
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    RIP Roscoe Pee

    My sweet rescue boy Roscoe passed away yesterday while I was at work. I am still in shock. He seemed so happy & healthy. I feel awful not being there to rush him to the vet & possibly save his life. I just hope he didn't suffer. I think Daisy laid with him all day until I got there to take...