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  1. tyree213

    Vaccines: Which ones are Really Necessary?

    Good info. I only give my dogs 1 round of parvo and distemper then titer test after that. They have tested positive every time. Overvaccinating is a problem.
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    What vaccines does your bully get?

    Mine get the thimerosal free rabies and I titer for the core. From my personal experience my dogs have never had to have more than 1 round of core vaccines. Every time they have had titer test they came back positive and I strongly believe that is one reason why they are healthier
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    DIY Cost effective Vitamin and Mineral recipe for dogs

    This is great especially if you have multiple dogs, the inital cost is upfront when you have to buy all of the vitamins/supplements but I find that in the long haul this is cheaper than buying dog vitamins and my dogs are thriving on it. 2c Nutritional Dried Yeast 1/3c Lecithin Granules 1/3c...
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    Cuts of Pork

    Which cuts of pork do you guys feed and are safe...Neckbones? Riblets?
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    Mom and pups are all doing great. They're 2 weeks old today.
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    Thanks everyone this was her first litter. Im surprised at some of the colors myself, dad is all white. All are doing great and they are gaining weight daily. Their weights at birth were 11.9oz- 14.8oz and now 7 out of 8 are now over a pound. Scarlet is also good she literally wants to be at...
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    Here they are
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    Yesterday we had 4 boys and 4 girls, all are doing great so far.
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    Scarlet had an X-Ray today and we are expecting 6-7 doc says to expect 7 due on Memorial Day. I'd like to thank Davidh & bullmama for their valuable information. Ive been researching breeding for a couple years now and still continue to do so. I also have a great mentor in the stud that I used...
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    Bogey's road to champion status

    Congrats, good looking boy.
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    Help breeding our male

    Most reputable breeders will not do a pick of the litter when they can just pay a stud fee. With your dog being 8 most breeders are going to be cautious about breeding with you because of your dogs age, no record of producing, (Not saying that he cant) & not a show dog. A good start is to...
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    Probiotics Needed with Orijen/Acana?

    Honestly the amount of Probiotics in Fromms is probably negligible so I wouldn't make a decision based on just that. You're better off just buying a probiotic that contains enzymes and prebiotics.
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    Green Cow Tripe canned food

    Yeah I would do that and it wouldnt hurt to get some powdered probiotics that contain a prebiotic and digestive enzymes. You can find one on amazon.
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    Green Cow Tripe canned food

    Ive tried it, If you think the canned stinks you gotta try the real deal. I get mine from theres a green tripe group in my area that orders it in bulk so we get it at a discounted rate. This stuff really stinks! But yeah the dogs love it and it is real good for em especially...
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    Getting a puppy in a weeks time

    Congrats on your new pup. I feed Orijen which is Acana's sister. Theres nothing wrong with feeding the large breed version, I usually do this with my pups.
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    Limited Registration but not advertised that way

    Thats not cool that the breeder did not disclose this information. But at the same time you gotta ask these questions before even putting a deposit down.
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    Help Needed! Bulldog growls and snaps at children

    This is a dangerous situation, an accident waiting to happen. Honestly with me, if I weren't able to get him the training he needs no question I would have to contact a local rescue that maybe has some better resources or can put him in an environment where he can thrive. Kids will be kids and...
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    Cystinuria (type 3) for bulldogs is a recessive condition in which stones made from the amino acid cystine form in the kindey, ureter, and bladder. The condition affects males, it is testosterone driven so neutering a male will prevent him from having symptoms. Females are carriers and do not...
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    I've lost my little Lala to my wife...

    Haha my wife is jealous of my dogs.
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    Daily Poll: When thinking about your bully, what is your greatest fear?

    Being stolen for sure. I see this happen to so many people. I couldn't imagine going through that.