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  1. ollieivy

    mrs. darling

    that hidden kiss in the right corner of her mouth...the kiss her children could never get. it is the place that a mother holds to herself, and she gives the rest to her charges. it is also the place that a woman saves for the day she becomes a mother. it's the peter pan version of yin and yang.
  2. ollieivy

    Howdy from North Georgia

    i vote for jubilee
  3. ollieivy

    Mr. Oliver... AKA Ollie.

    my sweet ollie bear:
  4. ollieivy


    ollie and ivy love bananas, blueberries and watermelon.
  5. ollieivy

    UGGGH. Timing is horrible~Don't want to leave our "baby"

    yes, well...ivy remains unpredictable, with her hackles up the whole time, even though she is wiggling her bum. don't entirely trust her. not sure what to do.
  6. ollieivy

    OK so i have a question

    the vet will probably ask for a urine sample...just a heads up.
  7. ollieivy

    Pics of our new baby

    i vote for bentley.
  8. ollieivy

    Finals and EBN

    just sayin...
  9. ollieivy

    Finals and EBN

    we could go over the categorical imperative or revisit the nausea of walnut bark if you want
  10. ollieivy

    Finals and EBN

    or which, as it were
  11. ollieivy

    Finals and EBN

    what philosophers?
  12. ollieivy

    allergy testing? And a few more q's!

    my thoughts: i would never get my baby bully tested for allergies just because some bullies have allergies. if a problem arises, then maybe i would test, but still probably not unless there was a respiratory issue. don't anticipate an allergy problem. if they get hives, there's always benadryl.
  13. ollieivy

    UGGGH. Timing is horrible~Don't want to leave our "baby"

    also, miss molly was not at ALL scared of our bullies. not even a little bit. she is already a little bully in her own right.
  14. ollieivy

    UGGGH. Timing is horrible~Don't want to leave our "baby"

    curiously enough, ollie was the good boy. it was ivy who was all "hey, there's a cuter girl in here!!!" but i think we've got it worked out. downstairs is an ollie/ivy-free zone, and one of us will sleep downstairs with molly in her crate. after tomorrow's visit, i think it's a go. wish i...
  15. ollieivy

    IT'S OFFICIAL!! (Champion Picture)

    congratulations!! biggie looks every bit the champion!
  16. ollieivy

    I love this face!!

    yummy yum yumyum:heart:
  17. ollieivy

    Overlooking the harbor at sunset

    beautiful picture!
  18. ollieivy

    Photo And Video Theme: Bulldogs on phones

    i'm one of the cool kids who doesn't own a cellphone...:eek:
  19. ollieivy


    grizzly is very handsome and unique:heart:
  20. ollieivy

    New Puppy Will NOT stop attacking one of the other boys

    frankly, we pretty much suck at training. our bullies are generally well-behaved, but ollie did this to all dogs he met as a puppy. he was relentless. thankfully, i have friends who understand that the older dog needs to assert, and we always allowed that to happen. still, he just outgrew...