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  1. korikelly

    Lunging at guests

    She is up to date on all vaccines, and had a check up this summer. I will start with the vet ASAP.
  2. korikelly

    Lunging at guests

    Hi, our 4 year old Lola has become kind of cranky. She is usually very sweet. If a new person is in our home, she is nervous and will growl and lunge at them if they try to pet her. Usually, I tell people to ignore her when they first come in, then when she sees they're ok she'll be fine and...
  3. korikelly

    Whites of Eyes are Brown

    One of Lola's is like that, just the outside of her right eye. Has been since we got her at 10 weeks old. I've always wondered about it, but never think to ask. It's a relief to know it's nothing!
  4. korikelly

    What ALL do you give your bully?

    Fromm Surf and Turf, 1 cup 2x daily. 1 tablespoon of yogurt in the morning, 1 squirt of salmon oil in the evening. Peanut butter in her Kong when we leave for work. Zukes treats if we are training, or to coax her into her crate when she's being stubborn :) Frozen green beans or bits of apple...
  5. korikelly

    Cheers from Oregon

    Welcome fellow Oregonian! I have a Lola, too! We are currently in Medford, but we are moving to Vancouver, WA next month. We'll be neighbors :)
  6. korikelly

    Vet thinks Lola needs to lose a few!

    Here are some pictures. Yes, Dubbiedog, she has longer legs than some bullies I have seen. I did drop her food down to 1 cup. She looked at me last night like WTH is this? Poor thing. Last night eating dinner Playing Good side shot Just because she's so stinkin' cute...
  7. korikelly

    Vet thinks Lola needs to lose a few!

    Went to the vet last night for a checkup and vaccinations. Everything went fine. Lola weighed in at 56.8 pounds, she is almost 1 1/2 now. The vet said she thought Lola could lose about 5 pounds. I don't think she's fat!! She really does have a tuck at her waist and you can feel her ribs...
  8. korikelly

    moved this week, aggression last night

    The stress was really high the first couple of days, and she was so good. It's much less these last few, and now this problem. She was so good for the past few days, that's why I was so surprised last night. Maybe it just caught up with her. Thanks for reinforcing with regard to the crate...
  9. korikelly

    moved this week, aggression last night

    Hi all, My family is mid-way through a move. Our house sold and we are living in a hotel until our new house is ready at the end of May. We've been there 5 days now. Lola did great until last night. Hubby was taking her out to the pet area and she saw another dog in the hall. She barked...
  10. korikelly

    Furminator questions

    I got a Furminator a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't go through Lola's fur smoothly, it feels like it is catching the hairs and pulling a that how it's supposed to work? Also, I'm having trouble getting through the hair between her neck and back...she has some rolls there and it...
  11. korikelly

    What is your bullie scared of?

    What is it with trash bags? Lola is afraid of them too. She bites both the vacuum and the mower tires. LariP....she's also afraid of the wind! Other things are: the hair dryer, laundry baskets, anything you're carrying, anything out of place, and the bin we keep her toys in.
  12. korikelly

    Lola licked some RoundUp!

    Hubby did some spring yard cleanup yesterday, including spraying some RoundUp. Lola licked a spot several hours later. It had rained, so I don't think she ingested much. I washed her face and paws, washed out her mouth. She drank a bunch of water. A quick Google search made me feel a little...
  13. korikelly

    Giving dog medication

    It depends on the size of the pill. Usually I try to just put it in her food at meal time. She eats to fast she usually doesn't notice! If it's a big or brightly colored pill, I put it in a raspberry (they have a nice little pocket!) or squish it into cheese. I have a friend who wraps pills...
  14. korikelly

    What are your bullies' nicknames??!!??

    Her full name is: Lola Mae Princess McChubb, so lots of variations on that theme. Also: Lola-bulldog (she cocks her head EVERYTIME we say it) Ro-Rah
  15. korikelly

    Stenotic Nares???

    Hopefully! How old is she? They change so much so quickly, I always take the more conservative route and wait.
  16. korikelly

    Stenotic Nares???

    Our vet said the same things when Lola was small. That we'd watch both nostrils. A couple months later, he said the one looked good now and we'd still watch the other. By 6 months when we had her spayed, they were both fine. Wise advice to watch them til they can grow a bit.
  17. korikelly

    Pulling on lead

    thanks guys, I knew I could count on you :)
  18. korikelly

    Pulling on lead

    Hi all, Lola is now 14 months old and 53 pounds. If we go out (groomer, vet, the park) we have her in a harness, and the pulling is becoming too much! She is so strong that I have trouble taking her out by myself. We did puppy school and learned "loose leash walking", which worked fine...
  19. korikelly

    Does not like bath time!

    Lola doesn't love her bath, but she tolerates it. She paces the entire time she's in there!