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  1. truffle shuffle

    How far do you walk your bully ?

    Chunk is unusually athletic for a bully, so our normal walk is about 2 miles, but we have done up to 6 with a few water breaks!! :)
  2. truffle shuffle

    Good quality snuggle bed

    we actually just got Chunky a new cuddly bed from TJMax for $30!!! stock varies but its worth a shot to check right!?!
  3. truffle shuffle

    Why do Eng Bulldogs seem like many diff animals? LOL

    so true, Chunk is often a bunny in the snow or piles of leaves hopping about, and a piggy rooting for truffles and by that i mean sniffing out toys lost under the couch, and at the park he is a sumo wrestler taking down dogs twice his size and weight!!
  4. truffle shuffle

    Who snores the loudest in your house ?

    Chunk and the hubs trade.... lol sometimes they play dueling septums and it gets LOUD!!! lol
  5. truffle shuffle

    My Valentine

    chin bump? love it!
  6. truffle shuffle

    Do you ever share your food with your bully

    nothing off our plates, but lots of fruits and veggies, eggs, cheese, yogurt, we are vegetarians now so no meat, but beans and such.... taco night is outta control with toots in this house :/
  7. truffle shuffle

    Oh the chewing !

    have you tried apple bitter spray? it wont work for every dog, but most find it awful tasting you spray it on the things you dont want eaten! including furniture, remotes, rugs..... walls doors shoes you get it! pick some up and give it a try!! good luck!!!
  8. truffle shuffle

    Advice on new harness, please

    we use a Kong step in harness, only 1 buckle on the back so quick on, quick off!! it's very strong and adjustable so it will last a long time :) good luck!!
  9. truffle shuffle

    20 Essential Facts For Dog Lovers

    ::sniff sniff:: i need to go snuggle
  10. truffle shuffle

    OCD puppy!

    Thats awesome! Chunk thinks its his job to get his toys out of the box and put them everywhere!! Lol
  11. truffle shuffle

    How do you get your bullie to exercise?

    Have you tried squeeky toys? Chunk comes running for those every time or opening some peanut butter or cheese? i mean really what WON'T they do for pb and cheese?! maybe put some inside toys to entice her to play more and be a little more active?
  12. truffle shuffle

    Please help!

    also, is there a reason he isn't yet neutered? That could help curb the craziness, along with training and perhaps some daycare as well!! :)
  13. truffle shuffle

    Flying Options for Bully's

    tcgurlie is right, my friends just went there and had a ton of trouble because their dog was quarantined, no fun... seriously, this time you might be better leaving Baxter with friends or family.
  14. truffle shuffle

    We are getting another bully *Pic!!

    She could be Cheesy... just saying Beefy and Cheesy are a match made in chubby kid heaven!! ;) good luck, what a beautiful girl!!
  15. truffle shuffle

    Finally conquered it!

    oh Ace , you big guy!! Way to own that step!!
  16. truffle shuffle

    Wrinkle under eyes constantly wet!

    Chunk's are also always wet, i have changed his food, added acv to the water... nothing helps i just wipe his face all day long. Not helpful just empathizing :)
  17. truffle shuffle

    does your bully have (the 6th sense)

    sometimes Chunky farts rather loudly in his sleep an startles himself awake barking and carrying on....did his butt scare him?? those butts can be SNEAKY!!! ;)
  18. truffle shuffle

    Meanwhile in Wisconsin...

    Re: Meanwhile in Wisconsin…. in that case some other stores around here that are pet friendly, so you can ask about store policy in your area include Bed Bath and Beyond, Micheal's craft stores, Lowes, and 5below! Yes, I take my dog just about everywhere! but he's better behaived than most...
  19. truffle shuffle

    Meanwhile in Wisconsin...

    Re: Meanwhile in Wisconsin…. when the weather is yucky we go to pet friendly stores! We'll do a few laps around Home Depot and and a few laps around petsmart!! He gets to walk, lots of attention, and some treats!! Needless to say he likes those days, feels like quite a hunk!!
  20. truffle shuffle

    What do yall think?

    Chunk is also long and on the skinny side at 60lbs he's only 1 1/2 so still some filling out to do!! He's a healthy boy, and Rory looks like a beautiful healthy boy too!!! Just like people they come in different shapes and sizes!