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  1. Dubbiedog

    does anyone know what condition this is?

    You will see from my previous posts that our Dubbie had it. She is now 4 and you would never even notice it and she has had no side effects. Love, a healthy diet and a great family is what the puppy needs :-)
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    Help Needed! Nature's Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Lamb?

    You hit the nail on the head looking for potato free.. We are lucky to have a great holistic pet food store here and I was like a kid in a candy store when I walked in and found they had everything I was looking for. Nutrisca lamb and chickpea is what I am using now but there are others.
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    Help Needed! Nature's Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Lamb?

    Dublin is allergic to the "world":( so it has been 3 years of trial and error with food and everything else. I have both the bullies on Nutrisca Lamb and Chickpea. It is both grain and potato free. Potatoes are high glycemic food and contribute to production of yeast. I did hours and hours (...
  4. Dubbiedog

    Cage eater

    It sounds like she is totally scared and stressed and having the accident in the crate has just put her "over the top" the pics you show would make me think that she is trying to "escape" more than anything. Maybe trying a different kind of crate??That is a very long time for a bully to be in...
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    Announcing the Winners for the 2014 Calendar!

    I can tell it is going to be wonderful. Obviously took a lot of hard work.
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    True Love..:heart:
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    2014 English Bulldog News Beautiful Bullies Calendar: Submit your photos HERE!

    These photos are of Tio. He had just been with us very short time from Florida English Bulldog rescue and this was his first boat trip with us. The two years of terrible abuse had left many scars, physical and emotional. He had only been with us and Dublin for a very short time at this point...
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    swimming lesson

    Oh dear, I am so out of the loop. AMELIA?
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    swimming lesson

    Hi guys have not been on here for sooooo long but how could I not respond to LariP :D Long story but I do want to bullymomwannabe and the swimming thing. Living in Florida and having a pool was a concern of ours before we brought home our bullie "Dublin" and of course we heard how bullies...
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    Help Needed! Help! My bully is showing aggression toward me

    Dublin is allergic to so much and has a very sensitive stomach. I use any of the Zuke's Grain free treats. They do make a great size treat especially for "training" Kibble won't do it for her unless she is very, very hungry :nope: Tio on the other hand would just eat anything you gave him......:D
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    Funny sleeping positions..

    Yes, one very happy and modest bullie...:P
  12. Dubbiedog

    Funny sleeping positions..

    It's all about finding a place to rest that heavy head of theirs...:D
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    A walk in the park

    "A happy dog is a happy life" :D
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    General Question Allergy Medicine

    That is what I use for Dublin and have done for quite some time now.
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    What does your dog breed say about you....

    My husband wants to second the "stubborn" part :P It all fits really......
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    Help Needed! Prednisone and possible aggression increase

    I truly do have a love hate relationship with Pred. Dublin has severe allergies to everything pretty much and as hard as we try she will find something else to cause her problems. BUT and it is a big but. There have been times that they literallly saved Dubbie's life. Afer both of her palate...
  17. Dubbiedog

    Bogey's Beach Day!!!

    Mary did you got to the Venice Dog Beach? My two love the beach chairs also. Would love to mee up with ou and Bogey. it was so nice to see you at the Pet Celebration. Amy said that you go your tote and you loved it. Ann
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    Fun things to do with your Bully!

    A wading pool is great, but not true that Bullies can't swim. I have two bullies who can. We have a pool and are out on the waterways a lot so my husband decided he would teach Dublin to swim and she does. Now does she love it...Nooo, but she can swim and loves the water. Tio our rescue...
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    The sun is back! (tons of pics)

    BiggieSmalls I am forever in awe when I see pics of Biggie and Doris..... They make my toes curl they are such amazing Bullies..:bigeyes2:
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    Buster's first day with Miss Tallulah.

    Miss T. need to show Miss Dubbie how to be nice to her brother.... maybe it helps that Buster is a puppy ( and a stunning boy he is too) and not the same age rescue. Having two sure changes the dynamics between everyone ( fur and non fur) and what a difference to life in general, but we love...