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  1. berlin78

    Need help on next steps with Food

    What a pretty girl! I don't have a lot of experience with this, but I do with allergies in general, and I am guessing it could definitely be that. Someone here will get you loads of helpful advice, I'm sure! Hope she feels better, and don't beat yourself up. We love them so much, and sometimes...
  2. berlin78

    Gingivectomy/Epulis Removal

    Well, as promised... even though she looks like a little bald man! She moves every single time I try to get a photo, so this was as good as we got this weekend. LOL - but you can see her teeny tiny teeth on bottom; imagine how small they were BEFORE!
  3. berlin78

    Freeze-Dried EXPENSIVE

    Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient foods, but also fairly expensive.
  4. berlin78

    Gingivectomy/Epulis Removal

    Thanks to you all for the well wishes. Still haven't seen the teeth yet, but she's in great spirits and was playful as ever last night when I got home. Hope you all are well!
  5. berlin78

    Adoption ready bulldog in CA!

    Hope she gets the BEST loving parents she could every ask for!
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    Gingivectomy/Epulis Removal

    She is home with her Papa and Chloe today; she didn't hardly eat last night, still quite groggy and slept most of the evening. I definitely didn't get much sleep from listening to her breathing/not breathing (or so I thought!) throughout the night; plus, her ear infection has her shaking her...
  7. berlin78

    Gingivectomy/Epulis Removal

    UPDATE: She is in recovery! YAY! Things went well, her tiny teeth are apparently now FREE of her gums, lol. We have always said she had piranha teeth! Be interesting to see if she looks different... Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. We pick her up at 3:30pm. Can't wait.
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    Question about this: There are marrow bones that are "roasted" and marrow bones that are raw; we used to give the "roasted" ones and watch the girls really close, but stopped quite some time ago as they would occasionally splinter and they made a giant mess. I assume they are considered cooked...
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    Gingivectomy/Epulis Removal

    Well, Monday is the day! Sophie has to have her oral surgery; we are scared, of course, but the vet spoke to me at length about it and is very confident. We have been taking our girls to this office for a long time and they definitely have a good knowledge of brachycephalic dogs. We'll be...
  10. berlin78

    TPLO Surgery vs Other?

    Awwwwww! Sorry to hear this. We rotate between the soft chews and the regular hard chews from Nutramax: We use Lubrasyn hyaluronic acid, and we use both King Kanine...
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    Hope so! We just dealt with a similar issue with Chloe on Sunday; she puked up part of a toy and then ate normal, but proceeded to vomit four times. We took her to emergency (where she puked AGAIN), got the xrays, and they could see something, but weren't sure if it was in her intestine or her...
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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    What good dogs to just sit there in front of that giant pile of toys and not just GO FOR 'EM! HAHAHA. Merry Christmas!
  13. berlin78

    I made these for a friend!

    Oh my gosh - they are so cute~! Great job!
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    Crate training worked for us! We set a timer to let Chloe go potty every couple hours, eventually getting up to three. Hard for a while, but it worked. Your pup is adorable! Best of luck.
  15. berlin78

    Joint Supplements/Pain Remedies

    We use and
  16. berlin78

    Could peas or legumes be the problem?

    I tried quite a few foods when Sophie was younger because of allergies and I discovered that any food that had peas in it actually made her sick. Like, she would actually get phlegmy and eventually throw up. I stopped giving her any food that has peas in it. It can definitely be an allergen...
  17. berlin78

    Brisket isn't gaining weight!

    Both our girls weigh around 40lbs, but I know females tend to be smaller usually. Perhaps you just have a smaller boy? Our vet says they're "pocket bulldogs" LOL.
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    I am in tears for you right now. It's the most difficult thing ever, and I feel so much sorrow for you. Hold on, it takes a long while, but it does slowly get easier. Can't believe you had to go through this twice in a row, so to speak. We love them SO much and they love us SO much it is hard to...
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    I'm so sorry; there is nothing to make it easier, either. I did it nearly three years ago, and will have to do it again and it terrifies me. We know what you are going through, we send you love and prayers and wishes for a healed heart. You are the one who has loved him all this time and you are...
  20. berlin78

    Biting on his stuffed animal

    Chloe does this; I actually call it suckling. It's definitely a soothing thing for her. My husband can't stand it, but I think it's endearing, LOL!