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  1. Lokismom

    Advice needed: bully with seizures

    Loki has had seizures in the past he is on pheno 2 times a day which has helped keep them away He isn't crated during the day but he isn't allowed to go down the stairs when we are home for fear of him falling down them during a seizure. He did go blind after them and was very out of it for a...
  2. Lokismom

    Happy birthday today!!! Woo hoo!!!

    Awe! Thank you so much every one! Ebn and the members have helped me through so much over the last year! Happy birthday christine!
  3. Lokismom

    bright red blood at the end of his poops

    He has less blood now hasn't pooped for a but gave him about a half cup of his food a hour ago and so far so good. We have family in town from Washington that he never meet before so he is more antsy then normal
  4. Lokismom

    bright red blood at the end of his poops

    No straining just normal pooping he has pooped now 4 times and it does seem to be getting better. He did snatched a few pieces of creamy cucumber last night so we are thinking that could be what caused the problem. He hasn't had pumpkin before so I am reluctant to give him any for fear it may...
  5. Lokismom

    bright red blood at the end of his poops

    Quick question... graphic :( so loki is eating and drinking normal and it has been a very stressful couple of days for him but this morning I notice that at the end of his some what diarrhea poops there is red blood probably not a lot but enough to make me worry. Any ideas? I called his vet and...
  6. Lokismom

    General Question Is it time to say good bye to his crate?!

    Leave it it is a safe zone. Loki does "need" his either but still loves having his bachelor pad. :)
  7. Lokismom

    URGENT!!! What is this

    Where is it located?
  8. Lokismom

    RASH!!! Ugh!

    Is he allergies. To whatever you are drying him off with? Maybe try paper towel :) I hope you and he finds relief soon!
  9. Lokismom

    My 12yo Hooligan had a tremor this am

    Your onto something! 13!!!!! That is amazing!
  10. Lokismom

    URGENT!!! Seizure I think!

    That's scary! I wouldn't rule out seizure activity. Loki has had 2 seizures now the first one was small lasted only a few seconds but I didn't know at that point that is was a seizure he looked like I scared him out of a bad dream: panting having trouble breathing, his eyes were not focusing one...
  11. Lokismom

    What does this look like?

    The one that I took a picture of on lola is on her cheek that is the only red/pink spot and looking at it now look normal skin color like the rest of the other spots. I hope you got it nailed down :)
  12. Lokismom

    Our bully likes to shower

    Rubble is so sweet! Loki loves the shower he has always been in between the curtains creepin or in the shower. He loves the steam helps him breathe better :)
  13. Lokismom

    Bongo won't drink water help!

    exactly what we do for loki he hates it but momma has to make sure you stay cool :)
  14. Lokismom

    Our first and only Bully, Winston does this weird thing...what gives?

    He and loki are so similar :) such a good looking boy :)
  15. Lokismom

    omg finally an affordable that Loki Loves!!!!

    Thankfully his have subsided over the last week could be because everything has stalled with the cold weather or he is becoming immuned? Mine have sucked! The worst I can ever remember them being in a really long time :( hope yours settle down soon :) - - - Updated - - - Thankfully his have...
  16. Lokismom

    omg finally an affordable that Loki Loves!!!!

    Learned that the hard way lol he only gets pork and peas ;) the thankfully also at menards we get the capsule size and break it up into 4 pieces to hid his meds :)
  17. Lokismom

    Feeding once a day??

    Loki is 2 he still eats 2 times a day. If he doesn't eat breakfast I pull the bowl up and give it to him with his dinner :)
  18. Lokismom

    So I wanted to find out is UR Bully a Mama's Boy or Daddys Girl? Who does ur Bully Favor?

    Loki freaking loves his mommy but if he gets really scared by thunder or something or if he is really sick he wants daddy :)