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  1. Fontanafox

    Close up

    Mr. Wilson
  2. Fontanafox

    Tank and Alaska have a son! "Ton" is here!,

    Congrats! I love the black tail. :luv: I'm so jelly but you can make up for it by posting lots more pics, OK?
  3. Fontanafox

    New member here

    Welcome, can't wait to hear your bulldog stories! :yes:
  4. Fontanafox

    New Here + Pics !

    I like the name Arrow. From the song, "Me and My Arrow."
  5. Fontanafox

    Unable to sleep thru the night

    For what it's worth. I use to watch Sylvia Browne (psychic) and she says if you think there is a spirit you are suppose to tell it to go to the other side because they are lost and perhaps they don't know they are dead. From what I've heard and read, animals and small children are better able to...
  6. Fontanafox

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Gorgeous photo! :2thumbs:
  7. Fontanafox

    Tongue protruding

    My bulldogs are about four years old. BabyGirl doesn't stick out her tongue at all and Mr. Wilson just the tip once in a while and when he smells BabyGirl in heat.
  8. Fontanafox

    Question Abaout Stairs and Pups......

    There should of been a warning before I saw that puppy pic. Angus is so cute it gave me heartache for want of one. Thank goodness I'm at my city limit with 3 or I'd be way in over my head.
  9. Fontanafox

    what mr. buddha does best =)

    Oh my Goodness! He's so precious. I love those cute little eyes :luv: That soil must have the most delicious smell for him. I'd let him enjoy it even though in the back of my mind I'm thinking bath time or at least a rinse off before he gets back into the house again.
  10. Fontanafox

    Other Victory is mine.

    Happy Dance Time!!! :guycelebrate:
  11. Fontanafox


    I'd get on my knees :bow: that it turned out to be negative for cancer and then do the happy dance :happy2: then I'd have a drink or two :partytime: in celebration! :hangover:
  12. Fontanafox

    got bad news today ...

    Oh dear, it's been a rough year for a lot of people. I feel your pain. Well you can just hang on and see what happens or better yet start aggressively looking for a new situation and maybe doing that will keep you busy enough to avoid that hole. But these good EBN folks will be here to give you...
  13. Fontanafox

    help me she is driving me nuts

    Can't you just pretend to have Laryngitis? Just wear a sign that you have something contagious.
  14. Fontanafox

    General Question Bogey's Homecoming delayed

    Just being in a new environment could cause runny poop. I remember when Wilson and his sister Snowflake as puppies had very loose stools. Oh My Dog! It surely had me busy cleaning up after them. It did eventually resolve.:whew:
  15. Fontanafox

    Happy Birthday Cleo!!

    BabyGirl overslept and missed the party! :hissy: She still wants to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you had lots of :cake:
  16. Fontanafox

    Ftse's way of playing ball

    Does he put it down next to his food bowl when it's time to eat? :sillyboy:
  17. Fontanafox

    hello from los angeles

    Welcome and I must say the muddy Buddha is the best one :luv: