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    Bulldog History: A Wrinkle in Time

    Thanks for posting this... always a great read
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Dang -- one thing I forgot to mention, since he was on Elspar before, there is a chance of allergic reaction. So, his treatment today was a double dose of Benadryl (shot), they waited 15-20 mins to let that take effect and then he got the shot of Elspar. They then monitored him for 30mintes to...
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    Dry food

    Wat brand is that? we have some UK members that might be able to offer some suggestions
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    I'm Driving

    Hey -- does he have a permit??
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    Norway first country to banned English Bulldogs

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    Gingivectomy/Epulis Removal

    So happy to see all went well! Keep those updates coming an get a picture for us
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    1/15 update -- so the short of it, us being so overwhelmed, exhausted an plain brain numb- neither me nor Lewis picked up on or remembered what the side effects of the Tanovea were.... sigh! It turns out every issue we were experiencing with Beau over the last two -three weeks was a side...
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    Choking/gagging and coughing-Help!

    I gotta dig through files, I try to do it tomorrow or over the weekend. yes, he is 11 will be 12 in April.
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    Choking/gagging and coughing-Help!

    @Bulldog2001 -- Cheli actually had his done 3x... I will have to dig in his records to see the timeframes. The palate is soft tissue so there it will grow back, it is just a matter of how much and when. Some are never impacted by the regrowth, but others are. if you are doing the lemon...
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    Adoption ready bulldog in CA!

    Wishing you the best to find her a great loving home
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    Skin problem

    Definitely allergy related which has weakened the immune system... as suggested, get off the chicken/beef and rice. duck or turkey is best right now. These look like hotspots as others have mentioned... shae the area nd keep it dry and clean till you get the nustock. Give a probiotic to...
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    This is how we watch tv every night.

    LOL... double entertainment, but I think the pups are probably more fun
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    Gingivectomy/Epulis Removal

    Love and prayers to you all... please keep us posted on Monday after she is out of surgery.
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Yes... I mix with water and shoot in mouth via syringe ... no other way at this time to get it in him. I tried making hamburgers with it mixed in.. he won't eat the. I trade a hamburger without the gut smooth - he eats it. He knows when something (meds) are hidden in the food/treat
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    You are not wrong! Today so far all he will accept is bacon... yesterday was steak and duck treats
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Yes, I remembered this which is why I want to talk with the oncologist about weening him off. She is not a fan of long term use either. he currently has been on it for about three weeks
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Retirement is being discussed, but my plan has always been to retire one the house is paid off, we have about 2 years left. I have a very supportive manager so her and I will be trying to play with my hours and if I have to, I have 46 vacation days... I will take off every Wednesday which...
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    I can use some advice please....

    @jbowen570 - it could be upset belly or anxiety. I agree with Lynn, if you can, get off the Hills... not a good food avoid chicken as it tens to be an issue for a lot o bulldogs. you say he is a ball of energy... take him for a walk be fore the meal and get some of that energy out of him...
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Exemption was denied as of yesterday... I have to return to office on Tuesday. Amazing how for 2 1/2 - 3 years for the good of the company working from home was a wonderful thing, now all of the sudden, it is the worst thing to even discuss it since it benefits a person and not a...
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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    We have 5-7 different pills...not ONE, not one, has helped. We stopped all scripts yesterday -- giving just Imodium AD now with pred till we can get him weened off that at some point