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    Tootsie Roll having a fun pool day!
  2. sillyheadbon

    My Jewelie Girl

    I am so sorry. My bully baby is 9 as well and I dread the day we have to say goodbye. I was in tears reading about your precious Jewel. You did everything you could for her and she knows how much you loved her. 💕
  3. sillyheadbon

    Dozer has been doing poorly lately...

    I’m glad you figured out what’s wrong with him and Tootsie and I wish him a speedy recovery!
  4. sillyheadbon

    Help Needed! RUPTURED ACL

    My bully Tootsie has had surgery to repair both CCL(ACL) in her hind legs - the first surgery when she was about 4, and the second one she was 8. She is doing great and fully recovered from both. There is always a concern for surgery but if your vet knows bulldogs they will watch for any issues...
  5. sillyheadbon

    ~ENTER HERE~ August Bulldog of the Month ~LAZY BULLDOGS~

    Sleeping beauty Tootsie Roll ❤️
  6. sillyheadbon

    ~ENTER HERE~ Bulldog of the Month Annual Turkey Leg Contest!!!

    Tootsie Roll showing off her right turkey leg. [emoji3590] She will be having TPLO surgery on that leg in a week... my poor sweetie.
  7. sillyheadbon

    ~ENTER HERE~ June/July Bulldog of the Month "FUN IN THE SUN"

    Here is a Tootsie Roll on her raft in the pool! Her favorite thing to do!
  8. sillyheadbon

    ~ENTER HERE~ October Bulldog of the Month "TOOFS & FANGS"

    Here is Tootsie’s “shark” toofies as she bites the water!
  9. sillyheadbon

    ~ENTER HERE~ June Bulldog of the Month "Mother's & Father's Day"

    Tootsie Roll and her Daddy enjoying some couch time!
  10. sillyheadbon

    Happy 8th Anniversary English Bulldog News!

    Yay Lisa - congrats on the BEST bulldog site ever and on being a fantastic bulldog mom (and bulldog grandma! :-)) !!!!
  11. sillyheadbon

    ~ENTER HERE~ January Bulldog of the Month ~ 6th Annual Bulldog Grinch

    Grinch face Tootsie - "What do you mean 'no more snacks'?"