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  1. Walter323

    Dermoid cyst

    We are set to get a new puppy (Reggie) who had a dermoid cyst removed. It was on outside of his eye(opposite of cherry eye) and it was not touching his eye at all. It didn't bother us too much as it was taken care of. But we just got a call from our breeder that it has started to come back...
  2. Walter323

    Looking for a Breeder in the MidWest

    We lost our loved Walter this past spring to cancer and our home has been too empty since then. We are looking for a breeder in the MidWest to hopefully purchase our next bulldog next spring. We live in the corner of SW Minnesota, NW Iowa, and SE South Dakota but are willing to travel wherever...
  3. Walter323

    A boy and his bulldog

    So I posted a few months ago worried about our bulldog Walter and a new baby on the way. Walter has lots of energy and I was a little worried how he would take not getting all of the attention anymore. Well I was worried for nothing. Walter does't leave his side and really enjoys using the bumbo...
  4. Walter323

    Dog door

    We just fenced in our yard and want to put in a dog door for him but I can't find one that is wide enough for his shoulders. has anybody else had luck with one and if so could you point me in the right direction.
  5. Walter323

    General Question Introducing to new baby

    We are expecting our first baby in June. We are wondering if there is anything we can do to get Walter ready for this. Walter is currently our "baby" and gets all of our attention. Does anybody else have experience bringing home a new baby and how your bulldog reacted? Any help is appreciated!
  6. Walter323

    starting to look for bully #2...... need help

    So I finally convinced my wife for bulldog #2 for a playmate for Walter. The tough part is done, now time for the fun part. We live in SW Minnesota and are willing to travel but I was wondering if anybody could give me a good heads up on a reputable breeder you know in the midwest. PM me if you...
  7. Walter323

    Play time

    So I have a friend who has a 6 month old Rottweiler, finally a dog that Walter can play with instead of the little dogs. The two boys get along great, lots os chasing and wrestling. The problem is Walter doesn't know when to stop. Hobey(Rottweiler) gets tired and wants to stop and just hang out...
  8. Walter323

    What do I do about my lawn?

    So the snow finally melted here in Minnesota and this was the surprise I had waiting for me. Last fall it was lush and green. This may be a dumb question but I thought only female urine killed grass? Any ideas of what to do? Thanks for any help.
  9. Walter323

    Help Needed! Destroying Landscaping!!!!

    So lately Walter has decided to start destroying the landscaping shrubs and digging in the grass(turning it into mud and making a mess). I can never catch him in the act to scold him, what do I do? I'm not real worried about this landscaping because it is god awful ugly and we are replacing it...
  10. Walter323


    It is getting pretty cold here in Minnesota and I am looking for a hoodie for Walter and was wondering if anybody had a good place to look and about what size. Walter is 10 months old and around 55lbs. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Walter323

    Walter wants to play, Trudi not so much

    Walter is 8 months old and a very playful puppy. Trudi (my sisters 4 year old basset hound) is sort of past her playful stage. When the family gets together for holidays it is absolute chaos. Walter tries to play, Trudi howls like a hound, kids start bawling because of the barking and so on...
  12. Walter323

    Walter enjoys TV, well sort of

    I got a new TV, Walter got a new box to occupy time. Win, Win
  13. Walter323

    Help Needed! luxating patella

    I had noticed Walter started limping randomly the other week, never in pain, didn't restrict anything he did normally. It started after he got neutered so I was thinking he was just a little sore afterwards. Limping continued well after the surgery so I brought him in the the vet and they said...
  14. Walter323

    Walter's Halloween costume

    We finally got Walter to let us put his costume on (didn't think that day would ever come). Might have helped being bribed with potato oles :)
  15. Walter323

    Help Needed! Post neuter limping?

    Walter had his surgery last week and now 10 days later has started favoring his back right leg once in awhile now. It seems to come and go at odd times but we can really tell after a long nap or if he plays a lot. He doesn't whine or whimper at all, just limps. We are planning on bringing him...
  16. Walter323

    Halloween Costume Ideas?

    With this being Walter's first Halloween we really want to get him a costume. Anybody have any good places to get them from? I have found alot online but they seem to be for little dogs, not a short "compact" bulldog. We really want to dress him as a pig. Any suggestions would be greatly...
  17. Walter323

    Anybody around South Dakota , Minnesota, or Iowa ?

    Looking for a bully meet up around southern MN, eastern SD or northern IA
  18. Walter323

    Playing in the leaf piles

    As much as Walter likes the sprinkler, pool, bath tub and pretty much everything else for todlers, we were curious to see what he thought of the leaves. The camera work is very sub par but the little wild man was all over the place. The video explains it all.
  19. Walter323

    Walter loves the sprinkler!!!

    Walter absolutely loves anything to do with water!
  20. Walter323

    General Question What age to nueter?

    Walter is 4 months old and just got back from the vet and they said he could be nuetered any time now. I was just wondering about any opinions for when to have this done. Thanks in advance for any advice