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    Home alone

    Evening all I’m new to the site with 1 previous post. We have rescued a 6 year old bulldog, she’s just lovely. We have had her 5 weeks now and need to start leaving her a bit but she is very needy. We are not sure what is best to do. Has anyone had this and what were the outcomes please...
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    Newbie needing advice or reassurance.

    What a plonker I am ����*♀️ I feed her Burns grain free biscuits and Forthglade wet food, only a quarter of wet per meal.
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    Newbie needing advice or reassurance.

    Hello to everyone I’m Kelly and the very proud owner of Duchess, a 6 year old (although you would never think it) rescue bulldog. We have had her a month now and she’s just great. She has a good background but was handed in as her owner was taken into hospital and no one else could have her...