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    Crazy dogs

    I have done all of this and as soon as they we take them out of the crate they jump all over everyone. I’ve leashed them also. Doesnthelp
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    Blisters Nose Rope

    I have been using Huggies baby wipes natural care with cucumber and green tea. Wipe very good and then apply Boudreaux’s butt past for babies. I was told this by another bulldog owner. Works great. The smell and the sores were gone in a matter of days. I do recommend it
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    Crazy dogs

    My bulldogs are the sweetest until someone new comes in the house. Then they act crazy and jump on people. I have been to two different training classes and cannot stop this. Any ideas?
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    Needing some advice

    We have tried all of those ideas to no avail. She just is so excited
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    Bulldog weight

    My English bulldog is 10 months old and weighs about 58 lbs. they say he isn’t fat. He is taller than most English bulldogs
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    Needing some advice

    Thank you
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    Hello, First time owner of a EBD

    Hello and welcome. We got our first olde English bulldogge a little over a year ago. She is so precious. A month ago we purchased an English bulldog. Don’t believe we will ever own another breed. We love the bulldog breed so much. Enjoy
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    Needing some advice

    Has anyone bought a life vest for their bulldog and what brand is the best for oeb and eb?
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    Needing some advice

    Good all around advice. I have tried most of this as most of the time I don’t know when someone will pop in. Will just keep trying all of the advice. Thanks everyone
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    Thank you Tracey.

    Thank you Tracey.
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    Needing some advice

    We have the kindest, most beautiful Olde English Bulldogge named Lola. She is so perfect but has 1 major problem I need help with. When anyone comes around, she wants to jump on them. She is not aggressive, but overly friendly. We have been to 2 classes, but to no avail. She is 15 months old...