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    This is a bit of a scam if you ask me!

    To add a little info on this. there is on for washington too I just sawll a puppy from there. She is soooooooo cute!! This couple in my Apartment got one. The little girl looks good, has all her shots and he AKC papers look real...
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    Repo a bulldog

    I believe you can go to the cops and have them get a warrant for the dog, cuz that is animal cruelty, and find out of you can get the dog back in your ownership, since it came from you. YOu can ask them and they can get fined for it. I have worked at a rescue and we see a lot of that, and i...
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    showing question?

    OK, so i have notice(well have noticed for a long time now), but my bullie, dosen't have the "rose" ears or the ears that lay back like you see at the AKC shows, My bullies ears kinda do, but they kinda flop too. Can you still show them if their ears are laid down like that?
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    Bulldog Health

    yeah i noticed that they are bigger, and wouldn't be good for a puppy. but royal canin nibblets has slowed down Pacs eatting. we have a speaical bowl for him so he would eat his food so fast. but with royal canin he is slower with it. then he was with his last food. but we have notice that his...
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    Are pig ears safe for English Bulldogs?

    ok, so this just might be me. But i have never ever had any problems with raw hide and pig ears (knock on wood). I don't know, i grow up on a farm and (not to sound mean or sick) but we butcher our own farm animals (cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits) or we would for the local 4-H and FFA'ers...
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    This is a bit of a scam if you ask me!

    i think it is too. cuz i have never seen to breeders web sites alike. they might have similar things but never the same. I think they are scams
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    Bulldog Health

    so my bullie, is almost full on Royal Canin now, shall i mix in Nutro into his diet as well to? or just keep him on Royal Canin?
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    Bulldog Health

    cool! this has helped us. because the lady who we got our bully from feeds him Bentifull(sp). and i have been told that beef isn't good for them and that they need lamb and other things. I have always e-mailed some breeders around washington and they have giving me so much information. and i...
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    Can you believe this woman beat her bulldog with a snow shovel? (graphic content)

    ok, I have lived on a farm and is a huge animal lover. I am also one of these people that belive what ever you do bad like what she did to this poor very cute littly bully, she would be beating with a shovel. that is wrong. I am so happy that the by standard truned her in!
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    Bulldog Health

    so what dog food is good for bulldogs. We were told that Royal Kanin with the bulldog on it. Someone told me it is made for them? is that good dog food?
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    Hello! new to the bulldog world!

    yeah i have kinda started training on showing him. but its minly trying to get him to calm down and what not. he is a hyper little guy. ok he isn't really is a year old. so yeah. the lady who we had him before started traning him, but then she got a new job, nad couldn't keep up...
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    Washington Dog Club meetings or shows?

    Hello, I live in Kitsap County, Silverdale/Bremerton. We just got our bulldog, and i would like to try out dog showing and see how i like, since i have showing livestock and miss the show ring. I was wanting to know if anyone in washington or in my area on here knows of a club and I can join or...
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    Hello! new to the bulldog world!

    Hello, we just got our very first bulldog!! One year old red and white name Pac-Stun! we are loving every min of it. It is just my husband and I and our rabbit, kitten, bulldog and my Quarter Horse. My husband is station in the Navy and I am a full time student. finishing my minor in business...