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    The saddest news possible...

    I am so sorry to hear about! I know it’s so hard. I’m almost in tears, but he was in your arms... sure that meant the world to him! He was lucky to have been in your arms! It’s heart breaking! My deepest sympathies!
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    Curly loves kittens!

    Same here! My boy still wanted to get friendly with a cat, who was literally about to wacky him. It was too funny! The way the cat lifted its front paws, like I what to slap you across your face, but my bully as he is so loving and friendly, gave the cat one of those cute bow....I what to play...
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    5 mo puppy suddenly poops at night

    Same here, just like helsonwheels. Crate is open 24/7, he loves to go in for some cozy time. When I go out, I always keep him in my bedroom, which is large.
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    5 mo puppy suddenly poops at night

    Great advice! It happens, boy is 31 months, it still happens sometimes. It’s usually when he eats dinner late. I’ve realise I’m really lucky! He sleep with me in the bedroom, when he need to “go” just jumps on the bed, it a half jump. Only front paws up. He’ll do it once or...
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    Hey that's our food!

    They look so cute when they run!
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    I am watching Wimbledon.....

    Oh Bella turn your head around, you could be the Wimbledon Mascot!
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    Hello from New Zealand!

    They were such adorable puppies! Great pair! That term “slave” is perfect!
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    Every Bully Needs This!

    A pillow....u can call it his woobie as well. He loves it. Always likes to lift his head, it helps with the breathing, until he goes to the next stage of sleeping, where our guys turn over to their sides or even on their backs... dead sleeping. It looks so cozy and cute! I don’t give it him...
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    Every Bully Needs This!

    He loves it and it looks so cozy! :D Wish I had better photos.
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    Just one little lick???

    Oh, please, please . . . You’ve got to share this, I am begging of you! She has such pretty eyes!
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    Dry scalp, scabs, bumps? HELP!!!

    Please read this post: Hope it helps! I posted this after his antibiotic treatment - - - Updated - - - What is he eating?
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    Dry scalp, scabs, bumps? HELP!!!

    Oh dear! Mites, Vets, and Antibiotics, do they really help the fur to grow back? I’m not at all qualified to write, other than the fact that my dog was diagnosed with the same diagnosis as yours and prescribed similar medication. He didn’t improve at all. Allergies, hair loss, all start from...
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    Latest Headrest!

    Not comfy, but my younger sister does mind it at all, loves it when he is so close to her.
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    Latest Headrest!

    Not dumb at all! Too smart! I am trying to get train him “drop it”, so for drop any article he will get to play at short tug game. It’s gone in his head, so when he bored he try to find something in the house, he shouldn’t take, and show me he has got it in his mouth. So drop it means he is...
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    Latest Headrest!

    Cool idea!
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    The dog ate my diploma

    Exactly!! Every Bully needs a diploma for being the naughtiest dog!
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    Cash wants to check in and say hi

    Your lucky, chunk but not to big neither too small, perfect! I want to just hug and squeeze that cute face!
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    Cash wants to check in and say hi

    How old is this Champ? Nice n Chunky!