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    Best food for English Bulldogs

    What raw food diet do you recommend for my bulldog who has I believe food and enviornmental allergies. Doing the saliva test here soon. Is raw something you cook in your kitchen. I am also worried about his heart and doing grain free. What type grain should I incorporate?
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    In need of advice. We don't know what to do.

    I need some advice! My dog has allergies of some kind! No idea what. Most likely food since there is not much for him to get into! I have tried so many friggen different foods nothing works. Tried grain free, fish, lamb no venison all peoples suggestion. His allergies present like this: Red...
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    So I am stumped and need help!! Cash my bulldog gets really red lips and sometimes his belly. But the worst is he sounds like he has all this phlemb in his throat but it never clears. He coughs but that does not clear it either. I have tried switching to different foods thinking allergic to...
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    Cash and his allergies

    So Cash is one year old. He gets super congested sounding almost coughing like or sounds like someone trying to clear their throat. His lips and jowls get super red weird that it mainly is in the evening. I have tried OTC zyrtec with not much luck or relief for Cash. Any ideas out there? I have...