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    Bella met her new brothers today!

    Omg this made my day!!!! Congratulations!!!
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    Missing my Boy

    Sending you lots of love and wisdom and peace ❤️ try to think of the good memories and the beautiful life you gave him!
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    My Jewelie Girl

    I am so so sorry for your loss, I am heartbroken 💔 will keep you guys in my prayers, remember all the beautiful memories and all the love she gave you and got back from you. Sending you loads of love.
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    MINI aspirated several times yesterday...

    I am so so sorry she was a beautiful beautiful girl, you and Sandy must be heartbroken 💔, think of the beautiful life you gave her and the love she brought to your life, sending you all the love and prayers.
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    In need of advice. We don't know what to do.

    I am so so sorry this is happening to you, I can’t even start to understand how hard this must be. I don’t have any intelligent advice. Just sending you good luck and wisdom and peace. You’re a wonderful dog mom, hope you’re feeling better.
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    Unfortunately, we lost Zoey while away...

    May she rest in peace, beautiful girl!!! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful journey and her death was peaceful, I can only hope that for my Henry too. Sending you love and peace, Manuela
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    Bulldog weight

    AWWWWW such a GOOD BOY!!! :love::love: and beautiful! Agreed with what has been said, bulldogs come in all sizes and yours is a tall guy, he does NOT look fat to me. My Henry is short and chubby and weights around 22 kg.
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    The loss of my little boi, Boobies

    I am so so sorry for your loss, I am at work and my eyes have filled with tears to just think of the dreaded day this will happen to me too. i am sending tons of love, peace and wisdom your way. You will always carry his snores and slobbers with you!!! It sounds like he had a wonderful peaceful...
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    A calamity for our Buster

    I am so sorry! I feel you are all feeling better by now.... !
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    Help Needed! Please can someone help me help my boy 💔

    Hello from Ontario, Canada - welcome, as a newbie I know here you will find plenty of knowledgeable, generous EB owners to help you. i hope your Bruno is feeling better, damn vets sometimes they are clueless. Which I would forgive if at least they were frank -like, "Ok I am not sure what this is...
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    I love My New Bed

    Thank you so much Cbrugs and Hceril, I guess like a lot of things with these guys.... it will ultimately be up to him lol! He does have a small "gated" area around his crate so I will try putting a foam bed there next to his crate (or maybe inside?) and see how he likes it!
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    I love My New Bed

    Hello everyone! Looks like Obie enjoyed his own snow decoration lol! My Henry will be 8 months soon and he's outgrowing his crate so I too have been looking for a new bed. More importantly, I have been wondering up to what age is it recommendable to crate them, assuming potty training is no...
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    Enjoying our first Bulldog- Bubba

    Welcome!!!! Bubba is ADORABLE!!! My BF and I are also newbies (Henry is almost 17 weeks!) and I have found A LOT of love and support among these knowledgeable and kind people!!! Yes they are stubborn and sensitive and NO, there is NO GOING BACK after getting one of these :) See you around!
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    How To Know When Its That Time

    Hello Denisea, your story really shook me. My Henry is only 12 weeks old... but I'm so deeply attached and he's made me discover so much love... that I often find myself thinking about THIS. The time will come, I know, we WILL outlive them most of the time. And I have no wise words for you, just...
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    Infected tail pocket

    He has a cute little bum that's what he has :) I'm sorry I cant tell what type of tail is that - looks like a tight screwtail to me? Can you lift it partially? Probably other of our our very experienced knowledgeable members can help you more! A couple of days ago my BF caught me sticking my...
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    ~ENTER HERE~ Bulldog of the Month ~ Lazy Bulldogs

    :babysleep::babysleep::babysleep::babysleep::babysleep::babysleep::babysleep: Henry getting cozy....
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    Help Needed! New mommy with a lot of questions!

    Thank you for your warm welcome, kind words and encouragement beautiful people!
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    Help Needed! New mommy with a lot of questions!

    Hello everyone -not sure if this is the most appropriate forum for this thread - I apologize if it is not! My Henry is almost 11 weeks now, growing and filling us with love and laugh. Potty training, mouthing and obedience are still a work in progress but overall he's healthy and adorable...