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    Got a Christmas photo!

    Adorable!! Roxy's Ranch
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    December 2013 Photo of the Month Contest ~Holiday Bullies~ ENTER HERE!

    Ho Ho Ho!! It's Captain's first Christmas. Also first fall of snow and he wants nothing to do with it. Captain is working on filling the fat-man's suit. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah! Roxy's Ranch
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    Article: Members Spotlight: boomsboo

    What a great guy to let you pick your dream dog! Thank you for sharing. Tank is handsome too!
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    Halloween pics as promised!

    Sweet!! That's the way to do it. Very nice pics Roxy's Ranch
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    Belly Rub

    How could you resist. LOL!! Roxy's Ranch
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    Halloween Booty

    These are adorable! Thank you for sharing :) Roxy's Ranch
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    Captain is enjoying the country life

    I absolutely love this little guy. Glad he got over his gassy issue. Whew!! Roxy's Ranch
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    New Bullpup doing much better

    Well, after 3 days of bring home our weapon of mass destruction, I think I can clearly say we have "peace" in the house again. Our new pup had the worst fowl gas & poo, I was afraid I had made a huge mistake. I went to one of the good pet stores in town after much research (thanks to this...
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    New Bully - bad gas?

    We are new to bulldogs. Just came home with an 8 week old puppy and he has the worst gas.... I mean it makes you leave the room it's so bad. I have other dogs but never ever have I dealt with nasty gas like this. He is on Nutro, which we were sent home with. I use eukanuba for my german...