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  1. DudleysMom

    Dudley - My Beautiful Boy

    My dear friends here at EBN, On Saturday, February 19, 2011, my life changed when I brought home the sweetest, chubbiest little meatball - Dudley, the English Bulldog. I had waited 25 years for my little EBD. he became my little boy, my sweet baboo, my love. He made his Daddy (Scott Kantruss)...
  2. DudleysMom

    SNOW...again and again and again

    Oh no...more snow coming our way here in the Philadelphia area! I think I saw the other day that we've already had 40+ inches of snow this season...more than the last couple of years combined. I hate to complain when I hear what everyone in the mid-west has been enduring with the cold, but...
  3. DudleysMom

    Why is he such a brat?

    Let me just say up front that I LOVE Dudley to death...but he will likely be the death of me! He is driving me insane. I don't know if it's because it's cold and snowy and he can't go outside very much, or he's just an incorrigible brat...but he is driving me crazy with whining and crying. He's...
  4. DudleysMom

    Happy Birthday Dudley

    Today is my furbaby's third birthday! I can't believe he's 3! My sweet, bratty, spoiled, funny, loving, adorable boy! Birthday part photos to come...including his own personal birthday banner his Daddy had made for his 1st birthday (and they say I'm crazy about the dog)! Mommy loves you Dudley!
  5. DudleysMom

    Clean-up my mess Mommy...

    So, his highness tips over his toy box and I hear him rooting around, next thing I know he's playing with a toy I haven't seen him play with in a couple of months. Then, I realize, I don't hear him any more, so I look...sound asleep in his crate. Makes a mess and then Mommy has to clean it...
  6. DudleysMom

    Possible Knee Tear!

    Dudley is at his veterinarian's right now getting x-rays of his knee. He's had problems on and off for a couple of off we went this morning. They give him a bit of a tranquilizer and are going to x-ray his knee...I feel sick. I hope it's nothing and Mommy is wrong and just a little...
  7. DudleysMom

    Sleepy Baby tonight

    Oh, someone is a sleepy baby tonight. He has snored for the last 2 1/2 hours. He had a busy day and no time to nap! Time for Dudley to go sleepy sleep!
  8. DudleysMom

    Best Day of My Life

    I hope I did this right...a friend of mine shared this with me because she has met Dudley. It's the cutest thing...and obviously a great ad!
  9. DudleysMom

    New Dog Virus Surfaces

    I don't have a lot of information on this, but was doing some media monitoring for my job and stumbled across this blog post that is part of the Houston Chronicle, I think. The person is involved in rescues. I'll see if I can find any additional information. VIP/Caution: New Dog Virus...
  10. DudleysMom

    Dudley, My Handsome Boy

    There's no cute story...I just think he is adora-bull and I wanted to share his photo! I just love this guy!
  11. DudleysMom

    A bedtime routine

    I know bullies love a routine (don't move the toy box, he'll have a fit), but is this just crazy? :confused: I recently noticed that every night, beginning about 8:00 pm, Dudley starts carrying on. Barking, whining, crying...I take him out, he gets a treat, I rub his legs, scratch his...
  12. DudleysMom

    A Bully's Life

    Too hot and humid here in NJ to do anything outside, so Dudley engages in one of his very favorite past times...snoring. Oh how I love this dog!:sunny: