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  1. Lokismom

    bright red blood at the end of his poops

    Quick question... graphic :( so loki is eating and drinking normal and it has been a very stressful couple of days for him but this morning I notice that at the end of his some what diarrhea poops there is red blood probably not a lot but enough to make me worry. Any ideas? I called his vet and...
  2. Lokismom

    omg finally an affordable that Loki Loves!!!!

    So we struggled with Loki's allergies and finding a food that didn't cost an arm and a leg because let's be honest, between his benadryl for seasonal allergies for 3 weeks, phenobarbital 2 times a day and pill pockets to hide everything in he is one expensive baby, we determined early last year...
  3. Lokismom

    demodectic mange?

    If it not one thing it's another... noticed a bald patch on Lola's head the other day played it off to be a rough tumble when playing with Loki well that patch turned into 3 along her cheek. Brought her to the vet and they scrapped it said it's demodectic mange he said that there was 2 mites...
  4. Lokismom

    Such a handful!

    Hey all long time no see! Sorry it has been hard to get a few mins to myself lately. As most of you know we got Lola a lot earlier then anticipated but you do what you have to. She is now almost 13 weeks and a ham already weighs 26 lbs, she has gained 13 pounds in just under 5 weeks. She is a...
  5. Lokismom

    potty training when it is 0 HELP

    So we couldn't wait and went and got Lola today but we need help up until we left my friends she had never been outside. With that being said she is potty pad trained cool right well Loki wants to pee on the pads too.... This guy's pees a lake when he goes lol so it doesn't work, anyways well...
  6. Lokismom

    Lola is finally here!

    Lola is an an english bull mastiff who is 7 weeks old :) loki is very excited for his sissy to be here
  7. Lokismom

    a new vet in the near future...

    So since I left my old job and started the new one getting to Loki's vet is not easy anymore especially with my hours now. I have been googling and reading reviews about the local vets in in the area and they seem to have great reviews from patients. Any ways with "Lola" (were still not 100%...
  8. Lokismom

    Allergies, puberty, lack of sun ... oh my!

    Loki is a wrinkly cute mess right now. Poor guys chin is brown out, he is shedding like a damn crazy man and his allergies are kicking his butt he has been battling cysts between his toes for about 3 weeks now one at a time each time a different foot or toe. Not sure what the hell is happening...
  9. Lokismom

    We are so excited!

    As many of you may or may not know our lovely little loki has seizures (not any recently thank god) he is and only child. We had though about getting him a "sister/playmate" but decided against it in the beginning well months have past and we are going for it! We are impatiently awaiting the...
  10. Lokismom

    Bag Balm

    My grandparents swear by bag balm "if a baby cow can suckle with it then..." so I used it on Loki's nose last night, I have some for my dry hands, 2 small applications later and his nose looks amazing! So much cheaper then snout soother and he doesn't try and lip or wipe it off. Not mention that...
  11. Lokismom

    wanted to pop in quick!

    Just wanted to let you all know we are alive and doing great. Sean and I have been working our butts off lately Loki too when he can:) I start my new job on Monday so I won't be on much for the next week or so:)
  12. Lokismom

    A Mer-mommy and her Bull-donkey

    Happy Halloween! I to put my slippers on to take Loki outside :)
  13. Lokismom

    Baby pictures of Beans

    Loki with his dad Bentley on the Left and mom Lacie on the right Loki's dad Bentley If you look right above his boy part you can see his hernia before it was removed Loki and his new back seat buddy the day they meet Big old Bentley :) Such a goof he loved us!
  14. Lokismom

    Bulldog pumpkin!

    I am so proud of myself! I carved a pumpkin last night free hand and it turned out great! Even Loki was impressed!
  15. Lokismom

    Got a new toy this weekend

    We got a new toy this weekend of course Loki had to come to the dealership with us to pick it up. :) The saleman and service tech got a kick out of him being there with us. Best part when we loaded into it to drive it on the trailer and he was sitting on my lap all belted in :) I had thought...
  16. Lokismom


    Brelalonde posted a picture earlier that I loved but I had to make it my own! It will be going in a frame once we get home :)
  17. Lokismom

    Thrift shopping....

    I went to the Salvation Army today by my work for some new dress clothes and I have to smack myself for not doing this sooner! I purchased 23 items for $80! I of course looked up retail pricing to see how much I saved on some of the items and my estimate comes out that I saved about $1,000! AMAZING!
  18. Lokismom

    inter digital cyst

    So this is the worse one yet! I have tried putting witch hazel on a cotton ball, neosporian he licked it off then threw up (dummy) I don't have Epsom salt I am going to try and grab some tomorrow after work but he seems really irritated by it and keeps trying to lick it. Any thoughts on how to...
  19. Lokismom

    mmmmm muffins...

    "Your muffin top is making me hungry"