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  1. loveabully

    Got this beauty canvassed and framed

    awesome!!!!! I love it what a great idea - - - Updated - - - awesome!!!!! I love it what a great idea
  2. loveabully

    Trying Out for Puppy Bowl.....

    that was so cute!!!!!
  3. loveabully

    Orange poop on Fromm Pork & Peas

    franklin was just on Fromm pork & peas he pooped a lot to and I would only give him 1cup 2X day but it didn't look orange. I just switched because the place I get my dog food didn't have what I needed at he time so now he's on taste of the wild and he seems to be the same on it we are almost...
  4. loveabully

    Happy Birthday Sherman

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! hope you have a great day
  5. loveabully

    A Day In The Life Of The Little Sausage

    what a cute little sausage I could just eat him up lol!!!!!
  6. loveabully

    How Many Of You Show or Breed Your Bullies

    father was AKC but we don't show and we would like to breed but it has to be the right one
  7. loveabully


    Apple Valley but will drive for bully meet ups!!
  8. loveabully

    Lilly growing up photo thread

    what cutie's !!!! they are just precious!!!!!!
  9. loveabully

    New Girl for the Show Ring

    very beautiful
  10. loveabully

    Vegas is too cute!!

    he is so cute!!!! that's a great picture
  11. loveabully

    Guess who has hips and curves now?!?!

    she looks great
  12. loveabully

    Photo And Video Theme: Bulldog Selfies!

    this was when he was a baby
  13. loveabully

    Meet our 3rd Foster...Winston

    they are very cute!!!!
  14. loveabully

    Spaghetti faces

    they are so cute
  15. loveabully

    Can anyone guess this breed mix?

    she looks like a pit to me. my blue pit is hairless too we got her at six months from a horrible condition. your girl looks like she had mange before and her hair never grew back she was probably inbreed that's why she's both. she is very cute. my vet said with the blue's they have a gene that...
  16. loveabully

    Daily poll: Have you ever taken your bully on a road trip?

    we took franklin and grace just a month ago to California from PA. when we go back to visit family they will come with they did ok grace was great she slept the whole time. Franklin he wouldn't sit still and he wouldn't lay his butt down his body yes his butt no it was to funny but I'm sure if...