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  1. MFrey2012

    Hi I'm Dave

    Hi Dave!! How cute are you!! Welcome, you will love this group
  2. MFrey2012

    Thank Goodness

    OMG yes, it was during Very early morning as we were just waking up!! :whew::whew: and her vet told us years ago forced dry air heat will cause them have thicker mucus, causing them to "cough" a bit more. So this mama gave the lemon a shot, and The lemon juice worked great, and helped quickly
  3. MFrey2012

    Hey hi hello

    So good to see that sweet face Bear!!
  4. MFrey2012

    Thank Goodness

    Yes, I had the same growing up, our fireplace is a wall insert. I do have a plug in Humidifier, that silly me forgot to plug in
  5. MFrey2012

    Thank Goodness

    I have one of the Kinds you plug in the wall, next to the couch, Silly mommy forgot to plug it in:facepalm2::facepalm2:
  6. MFrey2012

    Thank Goodness

    We had little moment with Ellie this AM, she woke up and was trying to clear something out of her throat (which is Normal for her) as she has a pocket on her throat , but this AM it just seemed she could not just get it all clear. SOOOO - Ellie's house has forced Hot air, and a Woodstove for...
  7. MFrey2012

    Holiday Supervisor

    Lucky for daddy it was done right :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  8. MFrey2012

    Holiday Supervisor

    Yes she is!! :love: :love: :love:
  9. MFrey2012

    Jake da statue‼️

    He was making sure that vacuum was not going to get him....
  10. MFrey2012

    Holiday Supervisor

    Ellie Supevising daddy Decorating the tree
  11. MFrey2012

    Happy Thanksgiving from Da Boys!

    Little late hope it was a great day!!
  12. MFrey2012

    Devastated lost our baby boy

    Our hearts are just breaking for you, We send our love across that big pond, to you and your family during this exceptionally difficult time.
  13. MFrey2012

    Happy Big 7 Today - to our spoiled little Stink

    Thank you!! :love: Ellie Expects on the calendar next year :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: JK
  14. MFrey2012

    I have a question about Frankie’s eyes

    Wishing you the best with Frankie's eyes, I am sure some of our Members will have good help for you
  15. MFrey2012

    My favorite girl!

    Right, Ellie always look Unamused by her life:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  16. MFrey2012

    Annual Christmas Cards

    Me too!! Well 6 Years, since I found the EBN Family. I think this year's card is by FAR my most Fave, Hope everyone loves it
  17. MFrey2012

    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Great Update, Totally made night!! Keep Fighting Lammy and Mommy
  18. MFrey2012

    Happy Big 7 Today - to our spoiled little Stink

    Christine, Thank you :love::love: I know I cannot with how fast time is flying. Please know we are praying hard for you and Lammy!!