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    Been a while!! How in the world do you trim your bullies nails?!

    My sweet Frankie boy pretends to be the toughest guy in town but when it comes to getting his nails trimmed.. He's a HUGE baby!! My husband and I have tried just about everything. Distracting, treats, doing it when he sleeps.. I just don't know what to do.. HELP! His nails are so long and...
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    A girl & her bully <3

    Frankie LOVES to go everywhere with me.. The second picture where he has his eyes closed is one of my favorites. It looks like he is truly enjoying himself! :drawheart::drawheart::drawheart::drawheart:
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    We're back and we've missed you!

    We've had a busy winter, but we're back and Frankie is doing GREAT!! His first birthday is coming up on May 9, and I wanted some suggestions on a "Bully friendly" cake and I knew ya'll would have some awesome ideas!! Hope everyone is doing well, happy TOUNGUE OUT TUESDAY!! xoxo Frankie :blowkiss:
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    Webbed Feet?

    I am so sorry if this sounds stupid.. I've been wanting to ask but.... yea.. So, Frankie has webbed feet. I asked the man I got him from about Frankie's parents and he said they both have webbed feet but not like Frankie... The webbing between his toes goes all the way down to almost his...
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    Halloween is coming!

    Will you dress your bully up? What have you dressed him or her up as in the past??!! This is going to be Frankie's first Halloween and I seriously don't think I can resist the urge to dress him up!!!!! :doghalloween:
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    Hello all!! I am so sorry I haven't been online in a while, been super busy at work. Update on Frankie, he is AMAZING!! He turned four months old yesterday & has been teething, he has lost all of his baby teeth in the front on the bottom and his adult ones have come in. He has the cutest...
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    Do you brush your bully's teeth?

    Do you brush your bully's teeth?
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    He hates his collar!!!!

    So, Last week I got Frankie a really nice collar... I decided that at home he could be "naked" and we would only use it when going away so that he will like it... Bad idea.. He hates it.. He hates it at home, in the car, at Petsmart, EVERYWHERE! I don't know what to do because I'm worried he...
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    Do you celebrate your Bully's birthday?

    Do you all celebrate your Bully's birthdays? If so, how? :party:
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    Does your Bully get along with your other pets?

    Frankie gets along a little too well I think sometimes.. Sheba (our Australian Shepard) wasn't too sure of him at first but now they are inseparable!! We also have two cats, The Big Lebowski:D AKA Bow (blue russian) and Gizmo (calico) who tolerate Frankie more than anything.. He LOVES them but...
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    Do you take your Bully to work with you?

    At a previous job we had two office dogs. I know my current employer (the person I got my baby from!) would not allow that :(, not because they don't LOVE EB's but because we are an in home health care agency and never know when we may have clients come in to the office. How about you guys?!
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    Do you let your Bully put his head out the window when riding in the car?

    My Frankie LOVES to put his head out the window as we are driving down the road.. I let him but only for a few short seconds and NEVER when I'm driving, only when I'm riding. I have to admit, it is SUPER cute, BUT scares me a bit.. How about you guys?!
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    Daily poll: Does your Bully BITE your toes???

    Frankie is CONSTANTLY biting my toes!!
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    Wag that... butt??

    Hello All!! So yesterday my husband's friend Chad came over to the house and although he had only met Frankie once or twice before that as soon as Frankie saw him he ran to him and was WAGGING his tail!! I was SUPER jealous because, let's face it.. I do everything for him and here is this...
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    Have you ever heard of miniature EB's???

    The breeder I got my Frankie from says his EB and his GF's EB are "miniature" EBs... Now, I know this is just a "selling gimmick" with other breeds so I haven't put much thought into it but thought I would ask the people that REALLY know EBs!! :hmm:
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    I've noticed several times in the last week that Frankie seem to be shivering... Now I'm not 100% sure that is what is happening but when he starts shivering I will wrap him up or stick him inside my hoodie (It is July and has only been low 70's...) and he seems to stop. Does anyone else...
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    Help Needed! Worried bully mama!

    My Frankie Boy turned two months old yesterday. When I got home from work my husband informed me that Frankie puked twice and had been napping for a while. He didn't eat much lunch and when I gave him his dinner he ate maybe one bite and was done. My son said that he caught Frankie getting...
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    Anyone in the West Michigan area??

    I am the proud new mommy of a beautiful bulldog puppy. I want him to be as social as I am so I really am hoping to find some great "friends" for my Frankie!! :cheers:
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    My name is Amanda and I am the proud new mom of a now two month old english bulldog pup named, Frank the Tank, AKA: Frankie Boy! I am new to all of this and this is my first bulldog. I have wanted one for soo long but had to SAVE UP... :w00t: I am feeding him Royal Canine because it has...