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    Bulldog twirling on bum and barking

    I used desitin cream on my baby girl. Clean, dry and apply.
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    Help Needed! Bulldog still crackly 2 months after KC

    Don't let the vet use injectable anesthetics, it killed my 2 years old English Bulldog. Gas inhalation anesthetics is the best.
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    Marking - how to stop

    Thank you for all your response. Sorry I haven't been in the Forum over a year, health problems within my family. Dugall did it when we were out, other than peeing, he did show other signs of anxiety when I left home. I'm home office, therefore he used to be with me 24/7, it's a big deal...
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    to neuter or not to neuter

    Absolutely true, my first English Bulldog, Angus, 2 years old, was killed because of the wrong anesthesia. When he was 10 months old, he had two hours eyes surgery and came out fine, but it was very scary. When he got out of the hospital, he was so mad at us, the three hours drive from the...
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    Marking - how to stop

    We have a one-year old male puppy, Dugall, and his mother, Orrla, 5 yrs old plus (fixed). We have Dugall since he was 10 weeks old, everytime we took him out, he would do his business. Two weeks later, we adopted his mom, he was still very good to do his business outside, never failed. But...
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    35 Things You should have if you own an English Bulldog

    Thanks for the information, it's great! One of the secret weapon I use is Dasuquin with MSM Soft Chews. Angus' head lower than his tail, it's very hard on his joints when he used staircase, my Vet recommended us to use Dasuquin with MSM daily, and we also remodeled our house to fit his needs -...
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    Dog harness crash test report

    Funny story about harness. One day, when Angus was grooming, we talked with the salesperson regarding dog safey, we end up bought a harness for him. Once we got into the parking lot, and let Angus tried it on, within 1 min, he struggled and removed the harness. I must be put it incorrectly...
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    Since Angus passed away, we talked to our bleeder the next day, she told us that she kept one...

    Since Angus passed away, we talked to our bleeder the next day, she told us that she kept one for the dog show, since we lost Angus in a sudden, she's happy to sell Dugall to us. Dugall was such a handsome puppy, we loved him at first sight. At the same time, Dugall's mom, Orrla, is retired...
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    We had a very nice groomer at that time, she had a male bulldog too. One day, she was crying...

    We had a very nice groomer at that time, she had a male bulldog too. One day, she was crying because her bulldog had a heart attack during the neutering, therefore, we decided to not to neuter him, no matter what.
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    Has your bully made love?

    Similar message from my Vet. My Vet suggested that if we want to neuter him, we should wait until he's 2 years old. And I saw that from my last love one, when he reached 14 months old, he grew rapidly, big head, a lot of folds and big chest, masculine big boy. We never considered neutering...
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    Domino possibly has salmonella!

    In normal cases, diarrhea has a surprisingly simple solution: canned pumpkins. Canned pumpkin is actually pumpkin in a puree form. Pumpkins are very rich in fiber and even adding two teaspoons of canned pumpkin in you dog’s food helps the digestion process. Canned pumpkin has a large quantity of...
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    Veterinarian Recommendations

    I never had a pet, since I moved to the States, my husband and I decided to add a new member in our family, Angus. At the same time, we found a very good vet in Kansas, Dr. Prichard, who teach me how to raise an English Bulldog and we really needed this. Dr. Richard Prichard Prichard Animal...