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  1. Marlana


    He has his license, I swear! (Don’t worry we were parked)
  2. Marlana


    I just noticed a swollen area in Brutus’s mouth. It’s under his tongue and looks like a fluid filled sac. It’s really hard to look at or get a picture, I’ll try to get one. Is this an emergency? Can I just make him an appointment in a day or two? Just watch it? He’s 4 months old and hasn’t had...
  3. Marlana

    Puppy biting

    I’ve done a lot of reading and generally Brutus is a really good puppy. I know nipping is normal and is apart of having a puppy. Usually he will stop when I say no, even with nipping. But tonight I was playing tug of war with him and after ‘winning’ the toy, he grabbed my hand. He bit down hard...
  4. Marlana

    Best friends

    They make my heart melt :smoochwink:
  5. Marlana

    Excited to join!

    I’ve been using this site constantly for a few weeks and finally decided to join. We just adopted an English Bulldog and are absolutely in love! Brutus is 15 weeks old and doing great. I’m hoping to gain insight into the breed and be apart of a community that understands my new found OBSESSION ;)