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  1. IsabellaBulldog

    Isabella ~ December 23/08 to July 16/22

    My heart is broken and my chest is heavy. Today my husband and I had to make the decision to put our 13-1/2 year old bully to rest. She was such an integral part of our lives. I credit her long life to ditching kibble and store treats for human grade foods and home made treats. She LOVED my...
  2. IsabellaBulldog

    We're New!

    Hi there! We recently joined this lovely forum, as Sometimes google doesn't answer all your questions :yes:. We own 1 English Bulldog Named Isabella She is 4 years old (Turning 5 on Dec 23rd). Isabella is our first bulldog so we are still learning, like good foods for her and other things like...
  3. IsabellaBulldog

    Goes crazy at the door bell

    Our English Bulldog Isabella has been going crazy at the doorbell for a while now, Every time it rings she races to the door and barks, when we Open the door she goes nuts greeting who ever is behind the door so jumping on them and almost knocking them down, it scares people and is kinda...