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  1. McPikie

    Are there any UK members here? Insurance?

    I know this is mainly a US forum, but I wanted to ask some fellow UK'ers about who they are using for pet insurance. I've had a few quotes from PetPlan, BoughtByMany and the like, but wondered if anyone can actually recommend one? Our staffie was insured with Animal Friends, but I point blank...
  2. McPikie

    Little laughing pupper

    Went to see George over the weekend. He's 5 weeks now, so not long til he comes home
  3. McPikie

    U WOT M8?

    George with his angry face at weekend
  4. McPikie

    The clan

    My boy George on the left with his 3 sisters, Dot, Baby and Tiny
  5. McPikie

    Finally opned his eyes

    He was a couple of days behind all his sisters, but finally George has opened his little peepers :D
  6. McPikie

    One week old, and getting heavy

    So, King George has doubled in weight in a week. Now a portly 600grams
  7. McPikie

    Puppy update

    Little King George is doing well, only 5 days old. Bigger than his female counterparts. :D
  8. McPikie

    New member, new Bulldog owner

    My name is Phil and I'm from Manchester UK. My friends bulldogs have recent given birth to a litter of 4 and we are having the only male. I can't wait :D